Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Theraputic Seizure Ramble

So today, I had my pre-op for my scheduled c-section.  All was going well, I was cutting up with the lady while she was doing my paperwork, when I received a text from my neighbor saying, "Is everything ok".  My heart SUNK, because the night before I woke up due to a horrible, horrible dream that I had about Titus where I was at the hospital having the baby and was coming down to the hall and I saw Seth's mom and dad standing outside the hospital room praying, and it was Titus NOT the new baby!  He was not doing well at all, by the looks on their faces, I ended up waking myself up during the dream because I was so upset.  So when I got this text today, I KNEW she must have meant that there were paramedics at my house!!  I immediately called Seth (who was home with the babies, he took a sick day so I could go and do the pre-op), he picked up the phone, but did not say anything, I could hear the paramedics talking though at my house (NIGHTMARE!!).  I lost it!! and began crying and pretty much hyperventilating!  The woman doing my paperwork was an angel, for real!  She started fanning me, praying with me, and calming down.  Seth called me back and said that they were on the way to the hospital and at least I was already there.  But still I wanted and needed to be with my baby!!  I tried super hard to hold it together (for me and my unborn baby's sake!), and continue to fill out my paperwork, but I was such a mess!  Then Seth called back and said that he was out of his seizure and that he did not need to come to the hospital after all.  The paramedics stayed for about 20 minutes monitoring him and assessed the situation and said that he was fine to stay home.

This was wonderful news! and Praise the LORD that Seth was able to get him out of it!!  The lady helping me said that I could go home and come back later or another day, but I was so close to being finished and I knew that Titus was just sleeping on his Daddy's chest anyways (and how the heck was I going to come back, Seth had already taken a half day to get this work done TODAY).  So, I decided to put on my big girl panties, man up and stay to finish.  Still, the lady was super sweet, she personally went and got all the people I needed for my consult and had them hurry and do their fastest work, so that I could get home.  I still continued to CRY and CRY and CRY the whole time, once I start crying it's sooo hard for me to stop and plus I just really wanted/needed to lay eyes on him!!

Once I got finished I rushed home (my car was on "E" when I pulled OUT of the driveway that morning from my house, but I still made it there and back without running out of gas), *hopefully I will make it to the gas station on my next outing, ha!  Seth sent me this picture on my way home, which helped a lot.

When I walked through the door, he was still sleeping on Seth, and Seth knew to hand that baby over!!  I held him and cried and thanked God that He was gracious once again!  Stevie Joy came so calmly and sweetly over to us and put her beloved "Frankie" (blankie) on him and said, "He's okay, Mama, he didn't have to ride in the ambulance this time, like we've been praying for!"  Thank you Jesus :)

The whole family (minus Neela who was snuggling with none other than Tommy) all sat on there on the couch holding him and loving on one another.  Seth explained to me what happened.  Apparently, they were all in the backyard picking up pine cones and Titus tripped over something and fell on the asphalt, and got so hurt that he immediately began seizing (so once again an emotional trigger).  He gave him his Diastat (rectal valum) and began CPR, he still wasn't breathing so he called 911 and paramedics came within a few minutes, by the time the paramedics got there, Seth had got him breathing, but it was still very staggered breathing.  The paramedics took over from there and got his breathing under control, and got him settled. While this is so frightening to hear, at least he IS okay now!!

After a while, we decided to lay him down in his own bed so that he could sleep/rest more peacefully.  And are watching and monitoring him on his video monitor.

Seth went ahead and took the rest of the day off, because let's face it, after giving your child CPR and seeing him seize like that, you really are not in any kind of "normal" emotional state!  And plus I really really needed him here with me (dang hormones)!

Now we are just sitting here kinda like zombies, the kids are sleeping for their naps and we don't really know what to do with ourselves!  We always get like this after watching this.  Mad, hurt, sad, emotional, anxious,,,,.
Worried about the new baby, will we be able to give her the attention she deserves,will she have this too, can we handle this,,,etc. Writing about it really does seem to help and is very therapeutic.  It calms my nerves a bit.

The plan is to take Titus to get his blood levels drawn today once he wakes up from his nap and go from there.  Of course, as usual, we (and hopefully you) will continue to pray, pray, pray for our little man that he will be healed and blessed in the name of Jesus!!


With the LOVE Day quickly approaching, I felt it appropriate to share some "loves" around our house:

As always, Dinosaurs,,,loved by all my kiddos!

Her Angry Birds shirt, duh ;)

His love for trying to escape,,,but this mama is fast (even at 9 months preggers!)

Titus's love for big sissie, Stevie Joy (and her love for picking "berries" out of the tree)

he is always chasing after her!  so cute

Her love for sitting with her Mama :)

MY love for multi-tasking, playing with kiddos outside while tanning my legs :)


Love her!

Neela's love for my big 'ol belly (and Rocket!),,Seriously this child talks about her new baby all the time!!  
*quick side story the other morning at church nursery, I was signing the kids in and said, "Megow, Stevie, Neela, and Titus",,,to which Neela perked up and said, "AND Baby Rocket!"  This new babe is already so incredibly adored and loved!!!

His love for riding on my hip (everywhere!)

I plan to do a post similar to the Thanksgiving post, where I ask the kiddos to list me the things they LOVE, I imagine that the two lists will look pretty similar (I mean you do love the things you are thankful for), but oh well, it will be a fun thing for us to do together :)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Titus's Mickey Mouse

This past weekend we went to Goodwill (mostly because we were right next door at Hobby Lobby, and the kids LOVE Hobby Lobby's toys, but they are so expensive, so we always tell them that they can get a toy from the "G" store, ha!).  Anyways, Titus found this little Mickey Mouse and fell in LOVE with it!!  So random, because I don't even think he has ever even watched Mickey Mouse???

 Kisses for Mickey!

He really likes his Mickey!!  He has carried it around with him ever since and has slept with it at night :)

These next pics really aren't anything about his new love, but I wanted to show a pic of how much he LOVES to help throw his diapers away!!

Check out that FACE,,,he is so proud!!


Friday, January 27, 2012

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Valentine's Day...

We are getting all "Valentiney" around here :)

and the kids love it! (we went around a picked some red, white, and pink flowers for our Valentine bouquet)

Drawing some heart families on the trampoline (I love how the chalk looks up against that black!)

My belly looks weird here, so flat, I asked Seth if he thought that too and he said HECK NO! YOUR BELLY IS HUGE!!,,,,thanks Seth :)

What a wonderful Valentine's gift
Neena peeing on the big daddy potty rockin out her hearts shirt!

My Valentine reading to his girls before bedtime,,,he's such a good daddy :)

"Here ya go, Mama, this is for Baby Rocket",,,,I love her!

I love Valentine's season, and this is an extra special one this year, because we are getting a new little lovie ;)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Waking up Titey :)

Most every morning, I wake up, have my quiet time in bed, get up and throw on some clothes, urinate (hahaha!), then go and get the girls up from their room (they are 95% of the time already awake and lying in bed talking), then we all go to Titus's room (who has also been awake, just playing in his bed), recently, every morning the girls crawl into bed with him to play for a while,,,not sure how this started, but they think it's so fun,,,and hopefully this is when I will nurse Olive once she comes (12 more days!!!)

He loves starting his day out like this!!

Then we typically dress in our favorite costume and wait on our breakfast to finish cooking ;)

Morning bliss, cheese toast, blueberries, ovaltine in our milk, and great convo with little bro :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


After story time at the library on Monday we were heading home and Stevie Joy said, "Mama, it feels so good outside today, we should have a pignick!!"  That's picnic to you and I ;)

So I made some PB&J sandwiches, just the way my Daddy use to make them
With strawberries on the side 

It was delightful, sometimes Mondays are tough, this was a great Monday!!

I am pretty certain that Titus would have to agree that this was a nice Monday

Stevie LOVES her Papa's PB&J recipe, she always eats TWO!!

Me with my, Sweetie Little Neela!
She has become quite the cuddle bug recently ;)

Pignicks in the backyard are so fun and refreshing!  Plus, it makes for an easy clean up and helps keep the house clean(er)!!
Oh just one more of the cutest boy toddler ever!!

okay, two more,,,I can't resist :)

***update,,I was showing this post to Stevie, like I often do, and she said, "Wait, where's me as the branch?" which is seriously a pointless pic, but hey I AM doing this blog partly for them too, so I really should add it,,sorry Stevie, can I have pro mom status back now? ;)

here is SJ as a branch:

I am so impressed that she even remembered this picture, and obviously so impressed by her "branch skills" :)