Friday, August 31, 2012

Rainy Afternoons...What to Do????

It's been raining here most every afternoon. 
What to do? What to do?

Embrace it,
cuddle up on the couch with my sweet, cuddly, first born!
Just discussing life, Jesus, numbers, ABC's, ponies, and friends :)

Put on some worship music (okay, for real BLAST some worship music) and dance
with one of the best worshipers I know!!

of course you could always have a little photo shoot with Olive Hope!

Werd to yo Mother!

at least someone thinks I am funny!

you could get lost in baby world for a while

a long while ;)

Make a huge decision...
laundry or babies?
laundry or babies?

(look at that face)

okay, you could just take a few more pics of that sweet, sweet baby


you could talk your 4 year old into taking a few pics of you, 
the real you, with no make up and some desperately needing to be brushed hair!

and then at last, Daddy is home and all is well, we can tag team :)

P.S. did anyone else notice that there was NO NEELA GRACE in these pics?
she was probably doing her version of "rainy afternoons"
they consist of Netflix and Tommy (her cat), ha!


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mamaw's Birthday Party

Paw and Mamaw have come for a visit this week, and we are so happy to have them here.
Next week is Mamaw's birthday, but since she is here this week, we decided to throw her a little 
birthday party early :)

Seth cooked his famous clam and shrimp linguine pasta, so so so yummy!

Group Shot, ready to feast:

putting the finishing touches on the cake...

she can party with the best of them!

ready for cake!

I was trying to hurry with the candles, but the lighter was messing up, so I was leading the birthday song s-u-p-e-r s-l-o-o-o-o-w

ahhhh, hurry candles light!

Paw sneaking little bites to Olive ;)

Time for presents
I took the kids to the Dollar Store and let them pick out what they thought Mamaw would enjoy for her bday
Stevie Joy got Mamaw a purple My Little pony and a purple Hawaiian lei, Neela got Mamaw some chocolate M&M's (they share a love for chocolate), and Titus got Mamaw some new reading glasses (blue, of course) and a chain for her glasses.  Titus actually did the best with his gift :)

The party was fun and we are continuing to enjoy Mamaw and Paw for the rest of the week, 
especially this little one :)

I have been trying to get a good picture of all four grandkids together for a birthday gift, but,,,well my luck has not been so great thus far :-/

hilarious, Olive is the only one looking and smiling!

I gave up! and let them just play!! We'll try again later ;)

"I just wasn't feeling the pics today, Mama, Don't be mad!"

We are looking forward to some more Paw and Mamaw time while they are here this week :)


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Little Catch Up!

I know, I know, I have been terrible about keeping up here.
Sometimes, it is just easier for me to keep family and friends updated through facebbok.
In fact, the main reason that I do this blog is to have for my family later on, when facebook is not around any more, ya know.

So anyways, here's a recap of what's been going on :)
(a.k.a cute pics of my kids and our family together having fun, hahaha!)

Puppet shows with friends over, makes for a great afternoon :)

Someone recently pointed out to me that Olive resembles a Hugga Bunch doll :)
I agree. But, my baby is cuter ;)


This past weekend, Seth and I went through all our clothes and donated at least half of them!!
Whew, that was waaaay too many clothes!

The kids took approximately FOUR bubble baths that day to stay entertained ;)

As a special treat for all the hard work we had been doing, we went to my parent's house
to go swimming, love on grandparents, and eat burgers!!

all of my kids LOVE the water!

...and food!

My dad helped us out and took this group shot!

We have been up to a whole bunch, I mean with 4 small kiddos, there really is NEVER a dull 
moment!  I am going to try to get back into the blogging world, I am just such a facebook junkie :)

Catch ya'll on the flip side


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Olive Hope 6 Months

Half a year old!  
I am so proud of our little babe!
She really is such a great baby (or four kids later, we are soooo chilled and don't notice if she is tough, hahaha)!

I love this one of her

super sweet pic of her

her daddy makes this face a lot :)

A 6 month recap in pics:


OMGosh, I love this little girl! In my eyes, she still can do no wrong!  :)

Seth gave her her first baby food the other Friday while I was at work.  
She loved it so much. So much in fact, that she may have been starving before, jk.
But, really she does tear that food up.  I wanted to wait a little while longer before giving her food
but it makes things so much easier for Seth when he keeps her while I work.
I typically, give my babies whatever we are eating but in ways they can eat, but this girl has a very short gag reflex and she makes me kinda nervous (after seeing some of Titus's spells I am not quite as laid back about things as I use to be when it comes to "scares" with my babes).  So for now we are doing baby food and she just sits in my lap and faces me, ha, what do we even have a high chair for, lol.

She is still not completely sitting up on her own yet.  I am not really concerned about it, but I do probably need to quit holding her so much, hahaha.  I can't even think of a time that she is not in my arms while awake,,,oops, guess she's spoiled :)  She probably needs to be practicing this more. Notice earlier that she even sits in my lap as I feel her baby food.  A big reason that I hold her so much is 1) she sleeps soooo much that when she is awake I feel like she needs touch and to be held and 2) it's safer for her, I can't trust Titus like I could the girls having a small baby around

Also, she is just like my other babies in that she does not really let anyone else hold her very much.  Especially if I am around.  She will smile and light up a whole lot when people talk to her, but she prefers to talk to them and smile at them from mommy's arms ;)
I really would not even know what to do with a baby that was NOT a Mama's baby, lol.

This 6 months has been so great with my Ollie!  
We are all so in love and so smitten over our little baby. 
I want to adopt a little baby so bad when we do adopt, but a large part of me just always wants Olive to be the "baby" of the family.
So, we'll just have to wait and see, what God will have us do when the time is right :)

Happy Half Year Olive Hope Megow, We love you!!!