Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January Instagram

So, I have been kinda an Instagram junkie recently, and not so much a blog junkie :(
However, I do one day know that I will have lots of money and spare time to turn these blog posts into books, so I want to have all our pictures from our little adventures in one spot.
So I got this little clever idea:

This is pretty much all of January (just to get me caught up), but I will normally probably just do it weekly maybe? who knows.

We had a fun, exciting month. Spent together as a family and loving the Lord.


Monday, January 28, 2013

Children's Orchestra

Last weekend we attended the children's orchestra up at the University where Seth works (still so cool to say that my hubby works at the University). 
I knew that Titus would love it because he loves music so much. Seriously, music is pretty therapeutic to him.
We wanted to all go as a family, so we just let Olive skip her morning nap.  She is such a great baby about skipping her morning nap, and I appreciate that so so much!!

Here is the view:

and look who we bumped in to....LIZ!!

the presentation was so cool
and after they had free snacks for the kiddos

The musicians were set up all around the center for kids to meet them and play with the instruments, so fun

After the music we went to Drexel park for a bit to play and then hit up some Wendy's.

It was such a fun day and I am glad we got to all experience it together :)


Sunday, January 27, 2013

His Healing Touch Service

Tonight we had the opportunity to share at a local church in our community (Solomon's Porch) about Titus's testimony of healing.  The leader of the group contacted me this week and asked if I would share about Titus's healing in order to stir up faith and so that we can see other testimonies occur. Because testimony means "Do it Again".  
Of course I happily jumped on the opportunity!!!
Since Sundays are hard days on Olive (she only gets one nap due to church), Seth stayed home with her and the big girls.  That way Titus and I could just go.
It all went so great.
I was a little nervous, doing it without Seth there (Titus can be a HAND FULL). 
But we prayed him up good :)
Here he is getting out of the car...he loves to steal my glasses :)

The service had a little worship, a speaker and then the testimonies.
I was pretty proud of Titus and I. 
Other than him stealing my microphone, he did pretty good. 
And I was able to get our message across.
And hopefully everyone's faith level was increased!!!  And they are ready to receive the healing that the Lord wants for them!!!
The group is  doing a week long fast and then coming together next week for a time of rejoicing and testimony! 
I love this! We are EXPECTING some results, Lord!!

I love that they asked me to share on Rejoicing.
Because I am Rejoicing always in the fact that Titus has been healed through prayer.
And I am looking forward to rejoicing with the rest of these families as these children are healed as well!!!



Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Anniversary Pics


Anniversary Month for us!!

Happy EIGHT Years!

Recently, a local photography group was asking on facebook for some models (a couple) to use to help mentor a fellow photographer.  A friend of mine suggested us on the thread and MUCH to my surprise Mr. Megow agreed!!!!

When we got married, we did not hire a legit profesh photographer, and it's something that we have always regretted because we do not have any high resolution pics of us to frame/hang up/etc.

This shoot was asking for the couple to wear their wedding gear,,meaning....that we got professional pics in our wedding attire!!!  Dream come true, right?
Another dream come true?
My wedding dress fit! :)

Since our wedding was 1960's style and I wore a garden gown, we thought that a field would be nice and "fitting",,,,and I knew just the place! The Fletcher Farm.

Good news and Bad news.
Bad news is it rained, hard!
Good news is we were able to go inside the super cool antique houses out on the farm to take shelter and get a few shots!

I was able to put some pics on here, but some wouldn't let me copy and paste them, so I am just going to post the link to the blog that the photographer runs.



our FAVORITE!!! the one we are blowing up on a canvas, framing and hanging on the wall

These girls did SUCH a great job!
And were so fun to work with {even in the pouring down rain, ha!}

We are so blessed with the pics and I am planning to hang up one really big in our living room, so excited!!

I love my BFF! and am so so blessed to have him!!


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Big Girls

The other morning, we were doing some learning time and Neela started crying and saying that she really really wanted to go to school (she's been saying it a bunch, but I really didn't know how serious she was).  Well 1 minute later the phone rang and it was the local church's school calling saying that they knew we were new to the area and that they had 2 openings in their class if we were interested.
We talked about it and visited the school the next day.
The girls didn't want to leave, they loved it so much (mostly the toys!).
My big girls will be starting a 2 day a week preschool class tomorrow morning.
It is here in Hahira from 9-12 on Tuesdays and Thursday mornings.
I am trying hard not to make a real big deal about it because I don't want to get overly emotional, ha (me? hahaha).
Anyways, we have tossed around the idea of homeschooling the kids and that's still a possibility (to me, all day every day is just too long for kids!).  However, I do feel that my older girls would benefit having something special and "extra" and structured like this. Plus, if we do decide that Stevie will start kindergarten next year in "real school", then this will be GREAT for her to get use to things. So we will see how it goes.
Plus, I have always said if they do ask to go then I will let them, and Miss Neela Grace has been asking to go almost daily recently.
I wish they could just always and forever have this easy schedule (I can handle 6 hours a week, just not 40!!!).
We are taking things one day at a time :)
We don't always know what the future holds, but we always know who holds the future!!!

So tomorrow is a big fun day in the Megow house!!!
The girls were so excited tonight :)
Stevie Joy still asked a bit if I could come too, but Neela was like, "ugh! can I just go tonight!!??" ha!
Stevie will be decked out in her Angry Bird shirt and Neela has her My Little Pony shirt ready to go!
I will miss them, but I know they will have a BLAST!!
The school is super close to the house, we can golf-cart up there and be there within 2 minutes. Awesome. Great fit for us.
I am sure that Olive will mostly nap while they are gone so she will never even miss them. 
And, Titus will probably enjoy having his Mama all to himself :)
Tomorrow should be interesting :)


Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 Recap

Well 2012 has come and gone! I am very excited to see what 
2013 has in store for the Megows.  

I like to do little "recaps" at the end of the year to sum the year up.

God was so faithful and good to us this year and we faithfully walked along side
of Him through it all!
God doesn't promise us that life will be easy or painless; He just promises us that it will be all worth it and that if we draw near to Him that he will always draw near to us.

Recap Time:


My sweet friend, Emily, threw me a baby shower for Olive

It was so so fun having all my friends together, I felt very loved for sure
check out all these preggers at the party  shower ;)

Titus had a pretty rough Breath Holding Spell/Seizure this month and he had to go to the hospital :(


We welcomed Miss Olive Hope Megow to the family :)

We were so thankful to Megan Shiver for coming down to help me out in the hospital, it was the biggest blessing EVER!!!

Our family adjusted to life with 4 kiddos pretty quickly

Seth took the girls on a Valentine's Date this month :)


We celebrated Stevie Joy's birthday Angry Birds style :)

Family pic from the party (we all were angry birds shirts)

Also we enjoyed having Aunt Claren here for a visit


The James and Megows had a lot of backyard fun this month (rainbow jell-o day)

Me, Seth, and Baby Olive attended the beautiful Crane wedding

We did our annual strawberry patch visit :)

We celebrated Easter with our cousin, Lili

Had a wonderful church service Easter morning, and a yummy lunch that afternoon

Also, we had a failed attempt at an EEG for Titus


In May we packed up our house and moved out to the Megow farm to help take care of Mimi (Seth's parents answered their calling to move to Alabama).

This added to our family a Mimi and Uncle Thad (too briefly) and lots of new animals

We celebrated my mom's birthday during her lunch break one afternoon

Yucky had her babies on Mother's Day morning {on top of Olive, hahaha}

Seth made me this awesome wooden fam for my Mother's Day gift

We added to the Megow chicken farm

MAN!!! May was a busy month

We had Stevie's dance recital

And went camping with my family!


We went to the beach!!!

We spent lots of days on the lake with friends!

This month we gave Titus a haircut, a mullet!

And visited the fire station with the Parkers and Sam


In July we traveled up to Augusta for a neuro appt for Titus.
There the doctor agreed with us that his seizures were breath holding spells and that the meds (Keppra) were only making them worse due to lack of sleep and gave us the go ahead to wean him off the meds,
Praise the Lord!
Titus has since been off the meds and had no seizures since, he has had a few Breath Holding Spells, but has not had to go to the hospital or anything major, HE IS HEALED!
How great is it to be able to talk about this condition as if it were a thing in the past now! It's behind us!
Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!

While we were up in Augusta, we visited and stayed with some of our bestest friends and our kids' godparents!
It was a great stay, and I am soooo thankful that they urged us to go up there and seek the 2nd opinion!

We celebrated Neela's 3rd birthday this month, Dumbo/Ice cream style!!

We all dressed in Dumbo character costumes ;)

The party guests, it was a nice, simple party (Neela Grace prefers smaller crowds)


I took the kids to the Splash Park a lot in August, it was too hot to do the regular parks, so we hit this one up a whole bunch (with an Icee in tote)

We celebrated Titus's birthday in August at McDonalds

Neela Grace started Dance school with Stevie

Ashleigh's Rad 80's Party

Olive's baby dedication was this month too


Seth had his big interview this month for his job at VSU (which he nailed!!)

We took the kids to Reed Bingham over Labor Day Weekend

we made it official that we were buying a house

Seth and I went to my high school reunion


Lots of Fall crafts with the kiddos

Pumpkin patch visit

Cookouts with friends

We enjoyed some of our last days on the farm while waiting to move

Celebrated Mimi's birthday

The girls went to Alabama for an ENTIRE week with their Mamaw and Paw while 
Seth and I packed/moved/unpacked!!!!
(It was the longest I had ever ever been away from them)

We officially moved into our house October 31st
(Halloween Night,,hahaha, what a great way to break in the new house)
We were so excited to live in a neighborhood to get to go trick or treating in :)


We finished unpacking and settling in this month

First house guests

Yucky had her 2nd litter of kittens

Seth was Spiderman at a Charity even thing that I got to take the girls to

We enjoyed the cane maze with the Cumbess kids and the Poppys

We had an excellent Thanksgiving with my folks and Seth's parents :)


I love decorating for Christmas!

We bumped into "Santa" down town one afternoon

We went to the Christmas parade down town

Seth hosted our church Christmas party

I help put together the church Christmas drama

Christmas Eve night

Christmas morning

....and New Year's Eve celebration!!!

As you can tell we had a FANTASTIC year!!!
Chopped full with miracles, healings, births, animals (14 to be exact, ha! but who's counting), new greater job, parties, celebrations, family, friends, new house, and surrounded by LOVE to the max!!!!
Without Jesus I don't know how me nor my family would function, I am so grateful 
that He is in our lives, and that we live for Him and His sweet smile daily!!!!

Bring on 2013, I just know it's going to be EVEN greater!!!!!
We are going to just continue to chase after the Lord and get lost in His love!!!