Monday, June 6, 2011

Some Cool, Cool, Cool Kids,,,Yeah! (*insert Gabba Gabba tune)

 There is this Beautiful flower garden down the road from our house that we pass by everyday on our daily 10 mile bike rides (haha, just kidding, maybe 2 miles at most!).
Anyways, I have been dying to get some pics of the kiddos with these flowers and today was the day:  
Enjoy :)

My sweet, pretty little Neela, she takes my breath away!!

 Titus has such a stinker face in this one! 
 Admiring the pretty flowers.
 I can see it now,,,very serene.  This is the word Seth's dad heard the Lord say describing Stevie when she was born :)
 Poor little Stevie, is pulling at her mouth, b/c it hurts,,,they have contracted some sort of viral thing that causes them to have really bad mouth ulcers,,it's called stomatitis.  Basically, it's something a lot of kids get, there is no cure, it just has to run it's course.  So we've been doing a lot of pampering and Popsicles in our house lately.  They seem to be getting better though which is so NICE!!
 I love how they look so much alike but so different all at the same time.

 Oh, Titus just loves Flower Garden Photoshoots, ha!

 When we got back home I decided to grab a few more shots of the kiddos since they were already mad at me. hee hee.
 They are so fun!
 I found this super cute vintage tshirt the other day at a thrift store and just HAD to get it for Titus!
He ROCKED that thing :)

 Ever heard the term "Swannee Swifty Feet"  :)  It's what you call dirty feet around here!

 "I was born this way!"-Gaga

Sunshine State

We bought this pool this year.  I wanted something big enough for the kids to get in but not too deep that I would need to help hold them the whole time b/c let's be honest, that's not a work out for anyone else but MOMMY!!  We have been very pleased with this pool so far.  :)
Here is a pic of the girls one day before going out to get in the pool.  I <3  my kiddos in matching anything :)  I got them these swimsuits at the dollar store for a buck each!!

 I love having my kids so close in age!  I think that it's a lot of fun watching them grow up together and love one another.  It is so so so nice that they get to have a "live-in" best friend around everyday!!
 Of course they do fight occasionally, but for the most part they are REALLY sweet to one another.  Any time one of them gets a piece of candy they immediately ask for another piece for their sister :)
 I love Stevie's little hat.  Seth was not so much of a fan,,,I don't think Stevie is either, haha!
 Playing in the pool! 
 Titus is soooo happy all the time, BUT there are two things on this Earth he does not like,,,1-cold water and 2-photo shoots,,,,,this WAS not his favorite day, lol!

 Typically he just sits with mama and tries to bite my 1,999 times!  We are still working on this no-biting thing!
 Such a sweetie pie!!! 
 Stevie making up some sort of concoction :)
 The pool even has little cup holders in the sides of the pool. The girls love playing with these little cup holders.
 "Here ya go mama, here's you some coffee!"
 My view!!!  I LOVE SUMMER!

 We even typically, eat lunch outside at the picnic table, that way if they get messy I can just throw them back in the pool to wash off,  on this day Titus was finally happy AFTER he ate some grub!!  This boy can eat!

Stevie is ALWAYS the first one to want to go in (SETH, cough, cough!).  
I believe Neela would live outside in that pool if I let her:
We are enjoying our summer so far!  I love being outside, great exercise, good source of Vitamin D, and it helps keep my house clean clean-er!