Thursday, October 10, 2013

Friend Date

My big girls are really enjoying school!
They have both been asking to have a friend come over and play with them after school, so I decided to do it up right and let them both have someone over on the same day :)
It worked out really well. It turns out that I already knew Neela Grace's friend's mom (I went to school with her. Stevie Joy's friend's mom was my 2nd grade teacher, so I knew her already too. 
The friends rode the bus home with the girls after school and it was soooo much fun!!
We decorated the house for the "Friend Party"

The girls immediately wanted to put on swim suits and swim :)

Two of Stevie's favorite things (Jewel and Yucky) ;)

We made cupcakes the day before for the after school treat. 

When Olive woke up and came outside, Lexi (Neela's friend), says, "Wow! she looks just like Neela!!" hahaha I thought that was so funny that even a four year old can tell that they look so much alike!!

Catching bugs outside :)

It was a fun afternoon. The girls are still going on and on about it :)
I love that I am able to be home and do fun things like this with my babies!! 


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Olive (Marie)

For some reason, I always call Olive by the name of "Olive Marie".
hahaha, this girl has like a thousand nicknames!
Anyways, the other day while Titus was doing his speech therapy up at the school, I decided to do a fun little photo shoot with Miss Olive Marie :)

She is IN LOVE with these boots from our cuz Josie :)

I can just hear her little laughter in this pic!

She is such a delightful little child. AND is getting better about letting others hold her, a little :)

I wanted to include these pics too, it was a different day, but she was still rocking those boots!!

I finally got me a girly girl! She adores skirts and dresses. She is always wanting her nails painted!! She cooos and grins when I fix her hair and doll her up. Her newest thing is jewelry! She has to be wearing jewelry at all times now! I love it. My older girls were never (and still aren't) into make up, hair bows, jewelry, etc. but this girl lives for it!! She really is a little doll :)