Thursday, March 28, 2013

Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt

 First egg hunt of the year:

We took the kiddos to Wendy's prior (their kids meal are only $1.99 AND includes a frosty)

I wore a hat b/c my hair was dirty and needed to be washed, and it threw everyone off, 
seriously, like no one recognized me, lol!!

Our kids' Easter baskets this year 
($1 baskets, decorated to fit their likes this year) :)

The hunt was for glow in the dark eggs, so it started late, Olive was a rockstar though:)

we are typically NOT a "stroller family" but we thought we would try it out (ha! a joke,  Seth ended up putting it in the car before the hunt even started).


waiting on it to get dark enough
Titus is so funny!!

When Seth put the stroller up, he also put my camera up (grrr!), so we don't have many pics, but we did take a few with his phone 

first time hunting eggs for Miss Rocket

The hunt was a lot of fun. My favorite part was the worship and refreshments afterwards. This church did a great job at loving on the community!!  Super sweet way of showing God's love :)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Biggest, Dirtiest Gift!!

Stevie Joy received a big, dirty gift this year....

A HUGE pile of dirt from her Papa :)

There is an empty lot next to our house, and my dad had a big pile of extra dirt dropped off there

she LOVES it!!!

Titus is a pretty big fan of the dirt pile too!

Neela Grace is still a "ditch" fan mostly ;)

we need to work out a better system for clean up (hahaha)

Seriously, though this gift has been so so great!
The kids love to play on it, and it's great for them to be outside getting dirty :)

Thanks, Papa!!!!!


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mother/Son Luau

This year I took Titus to the mother/son luau.
I wanted to take him last year, but I let Seth talk me out of it,,,well not this year!! 
Seth (and others) can make fun of us all they want, but my son LOVES to dance, and I love to get dressed up, so it works great for us!!

Here are some of the pics from our fun night:

How great is it that we happen to have not one, but THREE Hawaiian shirts, hahaha

I called the dance a "candy dance" so that he would be pumped!!
He talked me into going to "Barbies" (Harvey's) to get some candy before the dance ;)

ha!!! think he got enough candy? 
(don't worry he didn't even eat that much of it, he was too busy dancing and having a fun time)

I invited my friend, Ashleigh, along because she is super fun and her son and Titus are BFF's!! I was so happy that she was able to come :)

{side note: and this pic, ladies and gents is where I knew that I was white and pasty and needed a tan ASAP}

we got a picture of the boys and this was how they posed, hahaha
I called in the cd album cover! (so artsy!) :)



He was in Heaven for the first 30 minutes!!

resting up with some lemonade and some snacks

back for more dancing!

 that place got crowded pretty quick! and after about 30 minutes the boys were ready for something else (I  mean they are only two years old, their attn spans are pretty short)

So we hit up the playground!!
For our after party ;)

the lighting was super pretty!

We had a great time! I plan to go again next year, we both really love dances a whole bunch.  Peeps can call us Mother/Boy (Arrested Development reference) allll they want, haha!!! The dance was fun and I had a great time hanging with Titus :)


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Easter Decor

Thanks to Pinterest, we have had a lot of fun decorating for Easter :)

the grass is starting to grow here

the grass is taking.over. here!!


Titus and Neela helped me make this "He is Risen" banner :)

We have lots of other home made crafts hanging up around the house, they make me so happy :)