Tuesday, September 21, 2010

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Neela got a hair cut!

Yesterday, I gave the girls a bath after lunch instead of in the evening.  We do this often actually, b/c I love baths (we kinda view it an an indoor pool, haha!), but Seth thinks they are a lot of work and can usually talk me out of them, even when the girls obviously need one.  Since he gets home so late in the evenings I don't want our whole family time to be spent on something that he doesn't really like to do, ya know?
Anyways, after bath, I brushed their hair and thought, you know I really should cut Neela's hair.  It's super wild and crazy and I have always loved it, but she's growing up and it was time to move on :)  Without much thought (I had to do it quick or I would hesitate and talk myself out of it), I grabbed the scissors and cut it.  Duh, she loved it, she likes being pampered.  I have to say it is pretty cute, and it is way more even and full looking.  While I had a "wild hair" in me (pun intended) I decided to go ahead and do Stevie's (just a trim).  Stevie, of course, was not quite as happy about the pampering!  She freaked and I pretty much had to follow her around the house with scissors trying to trim it (you can imagine how funny that looked).  I did somehow manage to trim it successfully and evenly (curly hair is tricky).
Titus did NOT get a hair cut, nor will he for a lonnnng time!!  I love boys with long hair, I want to keep it long until he tells me that he wants it cut :)  Hopefully, he won't be able to talk really early, lol.
Sorry, no pictures, my camera is charging.  To me, pics make the posts, so I am sorry.  I will make it up next post :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

First (actually 2nd) post

I love that my friend Emily is doing this!  I think it is right up her alley and she will love it :)  Check it out, it is some super cute stuff, and I don't even "do" jewelry, but I like this stuff!!

Have fun and enjoy (Stevie and I are, lol)

New Blog

Well unfortunately, my last blog has been deleted or something?  I cannot figure out my password?  It's sad, but I like new, fresh starts and maybe I will be better at keeping up with this one? :) ?
I would really like to better at this thing.