Friday, September 30, 2011

Dance Class

Stevie Joy is taking dance class on Tuesday nights here in Hahira, we are LOVING IT!!  We are so happy that we decided to do it.  She is home with the fam all day, which is so nice, but also we wanted her to have something that was just for her and something that encouraged group activity and following directions.  We were so nervous about the cost at first, I mean one kid in an activity isn't *so bad, but pretty soon we will have FOUR in an activity!!  Thankfully, Seth's parents offered to pay for half the monthly fee,,thank the LORD,,,they are such a blessing to our little family :)

The place we chose is called Dynamix.  It's so great, cheapest prices in town, owned by two really really sweet Christian women, and 2 minutes from our house.

Here are some pics of her from her dance class,,,I am going to try to take my video camera next week to try and get video,,,who knows how the recital will go, so my best bet is to try and get some pics/video during her weekly practices :)

This is from her first night

 Miss Neela goes sometimes too, and of course HAS to wear a dance outfit as well, she will be sooo good next year b/c she already knows a lot of the dance moves :)
 Tiny Dancer
 Another mom from the class sent me this pic from her phone, so cute, they wore little lion ears and a tail and danced to the Lion King,,I loved it, it was my favorite dance yet!!

her and her little dance friends
 she loves the mirrors
 getting measured for her recital costume :)  so exciting
 Doesn't this make you wanna smile :)  cute little girls being so mindful and following their teacher's direction so well, you can see the concentration on their little faces
 Us moms chilling watching the girls,,,I love this time, I mean we get to sit and watch our baby girls do what they love and also have meaningful, intentional conversation,,,I really want to bring my new friends something next week,,,maybe something "fall-like" oooh pumpkin bread??? 
 She's got some killer dance moves, here they are playing "hopscotch"

Can you tell that we are having a blast? :)  I love, love picking out her little dance outfits, sometimes we do "flash dance" style, I need to get a pic of that outfit, it's super cute.

Loving this Weather

This morning we all woke up, ate breakfast, got dressed and hit the road :)  We went to visit my friend, April, and her little girl, Josie.  April's mom has a farm so we took the kids out there to visit with all the little animals too.  Here are some of my favorite pics from the day.

I love April and this house!!  So many memories, it was neat to take our kiddos back to run around and take pics where we use to all the time.  Here is a pic from us back in the day "playing" in her front yard.

After we left there, we met up with Stevie's friend, Alina, which our family calls "Yaya".  She, and her mommy and little brother were at the playground, and while we do normally stick with just one outing a morning around here, we decided "what the heck" and went for it :)  It turned out great and the kids were happy and even got free balloons, which is always a plus.

Basically, our kids had the funnest day today:  got to see Neela's bff, Stevie's bff, and lots and lots of animals.  Everyone is down for a nap now, we are going grocery shopping after naps, probably won't quite measure up to this morning's adventure,,,but we'll try to make it fun!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Girls' New Bed

We decided to move the girls from two separate toddler beds to one full bed.  We went back and forth trying to decide between two twin beds, a trundle bed, or a full bed.  Our neighbors gave us a bunk bed that the bottom part is a full and you can do the beds seperate meaning that we can just add the top bunk part later, so the "free" option helped us make our decision :)  
I was kinda nervous about it at first only b/c our kids have never slept in the bed with us or anyone else (although Stevie Joy does sleep with her Mamaw in the bed when she spends the night over there).  I was worried that it may take them a while to get use to having someone else in the bed with them.  Seth assured me that they would get use to it eventually and that he felt that in the long run they would really like it, so we went for it :)
So far so good, except that poor Neela, we took her night time pacie away from her last week (one day she woke up with buck teeth, so we felt like it was time, hahaha).  So at night, when it's time for bed, she randomly starts crying (like in the pic above) and she doesn't even say that she is crying about her pacie she says random things like "I want Thomas" or "I want Gaba"  but I think she just misses her pacie.

The following pics are some that I snapped today during the day,,,Neela ran in there with her cat (of course) and helped model off the bed for the camera ;)

 Pretending to be asleep with Kitty
 Just chillin'
Their room seems so much more like a "kid room" now,,,it's fun but kinda sad at the same time, you know "mom-mushy-gushy" stuff :)  I have been wanting to paint a Fruits of the Spirit tree on their wall for a while now, but I want to make sure that we are staying in this house for a while b4 tampering with the walls :)