Thursday, May 31, 2012

Family Dinner

Seth's parents came for a visit this past week and we were soooo excited to have them over for dinner.  
A really sweet friend of mine, Nicole, brought over some lasagna from a nice restaurant here in town (she didn't get around to bringing food when Olive was born), the timing worked out perfectly, because the food was very yummy and there was enough of it to feed everyone :)

Miss Olive had pink eye so I was keeping her away from everyone (as much as possible) all day

In preparation for the meal, I asked Uncle Thad if we should make some dessert (I was thinking cookies or something simple), he replied back with, "How about we make some butterscotch birds' nests"
Love it! 

Stevie Joy loved them, because 1-the reminded her of Angry Birds' bird nests and 2-she danced in a bird's nest for her dance class and 3-they were YUMMY!

another shot of the bird nests (yogurt raisins inside), they were really good (you make them with chow mein noodles, super cool)

Neela was a "gymnast/animal doctor" for the family dinner :)


Since the whole family was together, we thought this would be a good time to do our "song" for Uncle Thad (who is moving soon, sad face)
The kids and I made these little card board signs for them to hold during the song to help them with the words
It was cute and fun :)

The dinner went great and the kids LOVED seeing their Mamaw and Paw.  I wanted so badly to get a picture of both of them holding all of their grandbabies, but we decided to do it at the recital when everyone would be dressed up, and well it didn't happen, oh well, maybe next time ;)
We were happy to have them here and hope they come back again soon.


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dynamix Dance Recital 2012

Stevie Joy's Dace Recital 2012!!!

Getting all fancied up to go watch big sister dance :)

he was not super thrilled about it, ha!

she was!

I walked away for one minute to go to the kitchen to make Titus something to drink, when I walked back in this is what I saw (Neela passed out asleep *right before we were about to leave) perfect!
(side note: Stevie passed out on the way to the recital, ahhhh! thankfully, she wasn't too rotten)

Oh well, continue snapping pics ;)


ahhhh, I can't handle it, she's tooooo cute!

(side note: later on at the recital, I over heard a little girl say, "There is this cute little boy here that looks JUST like his daddy!" hahaha

The girls back stage getting ready!

my three girls, I am one blessed mommy! :)

Miss Olive was so the bomb!  she just played quietly in her little car seat, then drifted off for a little cat nap, she is such a great baby!

watching the big girl dancers practice

the girls with their teachers, Mrs Debbie and Miss Jenna
they were all seriously so excited!

Daddy came back stage for a minute to see his sweetie(s) 

I love how Kyndall and Stevie Joy are always holding hands, it's so sweet!

Seth took some pics of the "crowd" that Stevie had at her recital

Here is Mamaw and Mimi

Neela Grace

Titus Grace 

Susu and Nana


Miss "Wiz" or "Mom" whatever my girls feel like calling her that day :)

Sam! (who said, "wait does Stevie still like angry birds?") I guess he was concerned about her girly-ness due to the whole dancing/dress thing! hahaha

Eliza James, who looked so adorable!

that Titus loves his Mamaw!

My parents and sister were out of town (it was Memorial Day weekend and they had already planned a trip) and the Parkers were out of town this weekend too, but other than that we had a great turn out :)

Me with my sweetie

Seth was making so much fun of me for holding her like a little baby (but she IS my baby), so I put her down for the next pic 

Ready for the show!

The 4 and 5 year olds were the first act, they were in little birds nest and danced to Rockin' Robin (Stevie was the first one out)

She is the 2nd from the left

they are all doing so great!

SJ was so hilarious, there was this little tiny "hop" in the dance, well she would JUMP so hard and loud (tap shoes) every time!

near the end of the song, the dancers went back into their nests and popped up and down, so cute, then they came out and took little bows, let me tell you Stevie's bow was SO dramatic and exaggerated, it was cracking the audience UP!  she was quite the entertainer :)

Then, for whatever reason, Stevie decided to go back out to center stage alone to just "soak it all in", seriously a star was born this night!  Sister LOVES the stage!!!!!!!

Just standing there, in the spotlight, taking it all in!
They eventually had to close the curtain on her to get the child off the stage!
Hahaha, of course WE thought it was hilarious!

Her teacher, Miss Jenna did a dance number, and the other classes did their numbers too, they were soooo great! Miss Jenna's dance was very sweet because it was dedicated to her father who passed away last year, it was a pretty emotional dance

After the big girls danced, it was the little kids turn again, it was really nice of the teachers to go ahead and let the little kids do their 2nd dance before intermission so that they were not too tired after intermission

This dance was to the song, "When You Wish Upon a Star" and all the girls agreed that this song was their favorite!

They were all dressed as different princesses 
(from left to right)
Emily-Belle, Stevie Joy-Cinderella, Kyndall-Sleeping Beauty, Amayah-Ariel

At the end of this dance, the dads took their "princesses" up a rose, it was so sweet

Seth and Stevie took another little bow ;)

There was intermission and 4 more dances which were so awesome and great!  All my other kiddos did great too, which was such a blessing!
Then the finale :)

Again, she doesn't want to leave the stage!

When we asked Stevie what color flowers she wanted for her recital she said BLACK! She is so funny!  So that's what her daddy got her, black flowers!  I think it's safe to say that she was the only girl there with black flowers :)

The kiddos (Titus ran off, well you can see his little hand in the corner on the left, ha!)

The recital went so so so great!  SJ was great and she had so much fun! My other kiddos did wonderful and I was able to give Stevie the attention and support that I wanted to be able to give her :)  I feel like she really enjoys dance and she has really opened up a lot since taking the class. I would love for her to be able to take it again next year, however the cost of two girls in dance is a good bit.  Dynamix does offer a discount for the sibling, so hopefully that will help.  We have a few months to decide, but I feel like we are going to try really hard for her to be able to take the class again next year, it really brings her a lot of joy!

Thanks so much to everyone who made it to the recital, it really meant a lot to her and to us :)