Thursday, June 28, 2012

Random Ramblings and Cute Kiddo Pics

Life has been going really well lately.
Things have been kinda busy, but we are super happy and we intentionally stop and stay still.
Seth is so great and he leads our family with incredible grace!

This weekend we are leaving for Augusta to Titus's nero appt up there.
We are also going to stay with some of our bff's/kids' godparents while we are up there.
We are excited to love on our Shivers!  This is a pic from a trip last year:

Please pray with us for some great results for Mr. Titus.  
Specifically for wisdom with the docs, and that we get a GREAT report that Titus was indeed misdiagnosed with epilepsy and that he has breath holding spells instead.  That there will be a way to get him off the medication (please!), and that when we leave we will have some sort of plan set in motion for our sweet, handsome baby boy!  We know that God has some great great things in store for him!!

for one, like being the best big brother ever to Miss Olive


speaking of Miss Olive:

big girl is four months now, and could not possibly be any sweeter, nor cuter
she is perfect!

Seven wanted to get in the pic too :)

~~~some other things~~~

Super sweet big sister, putting a bandaid on Titus (pretty positive that it HAD to be an angry birds bandaid!)

The baby kitties are now litter trained, eating solid food, and ready to go :(
My kids are going to be so so sad!
Side story:  Yucky (the cat) keeps carrying her kitties all around the house by the neck (even though they can walk), hahaha, she's a super "attached parent" the kitties are all like: "mom, I can walk!"

so nurturing!

Oh man, we have had so much fun with these kitties!

like a lot!

So, a quick update.
We are living and loving life and each other.
We serve a great God who is good. All the time!
Thanks for the continued prayers throughout the weekend.


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Day with Lindsey :)

One of my good friends, Lindsey, came to hang out the other day and help me with the kiddos :)

Lindsey is so freakin' hilarious!

The first thing she asked when she came in was:
"Hey, do you have any laundry I can fold? I love to fold laundry!"
Until she saw the pile and was like:
"ummm,,that's WAY to much!"

Lindsey loves taking pics and she took plenty of them!!

I should've remembered this and put on some make up or at least brushed my hair, oh well :-/
I love how she captured so many pics of how my typical day at the house goes!

kitty family

sassy much?

we went and picked some blue berries for a snack

riding on the farm to pick some berries

Lindsey goes, "hey do you have any church music in here? because I feel the Spirit of the Lord right NOW!"
so we jammed out!!

she took lots of surprise photos!

there was a fellow berry picker at the farm and Lindsey took her picture because she was *convinced* that she knew this woman from the Chinese Restaurant, hahaha! 

the girls LOVE and ADORE Lindsey

When we got back, we went for a Mimi visit (she lives in an attached apt to our hizzy)
good times!

Linds took this pic,,it's Seth with his brothers and sisters when they were all really small
it's neat because they had 4 kiddos pretty close in age also, we didn't really plan to be a "copy cat family" but it just worked out that way :)
Seth is the 2nd from the left

see what I mean by "typical day" 
me in the back ground nursing Olive, Titus being mischevious sneaking cookies, pretty typical for around here (daily!)

Lindsey cuddles

we took the whole crew to eat chinese for lunch then returned home for naps!

after naps we painted nails

watched Stevie Joy's dance recital on dvd 99 times ;) 
she is so proud!!

then took the kiddos to the park
where we met the cutest little pup

tuckered out!

Lindsey introduced Mr. Titus to Listerine strips!!  his breath may never stink again!!

The kids and I had SO much fun with Lindsey.  Linds and I have so much in common (we both love kids, food, photography, laughing, Jesus!!!!)
I hope we can continue to hang out like this more often!! :)