Friday, November 30, 2012

Decorating for the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

We started off our Christmas decorating right this year with some french toast for breakfast with our favorite neighbors!

We started decorating and blasting the Pandora Christmas station after breakfast.
Miss Olive LOVED practicing her pulling up skills with all the boxes.

As usual, Stevie Joy took the whole thing very seriously, and took her time looking at each.and.every ornament, discussing where we got them and what they mean to her (are you sure she is not your daughter, Emily Parker?) hahaha

Titus found this string of beads, and was pretty entertained for a while :)

adding little Christmas hats to family photos 

We don't have a mantle in this house :( 
but we are making do 

While decorating the house, the girls helped me pull all their Christmas clothes up to the front :)

While the boys goofed off

I love having a manger up,,,a friend of mine leaves her manger up year round, and I love that idea!
We should celebrate the birth of our Savior year round not just at Christmas!

you could say we are "Christmas Ready" around here

complete with:

snow globe admiring

Christmas Kitty photo shoots

happy little babies
(this is the view I get when I sit on the couch, little tiny knows how to pull up know, and she is SO proud!)

Reindeer antlers

riding around Hahira looking at beautiful Christmas lights

a twinkling tree that makes the perfect backdrop

a real quick flash back,,,Titus's first Christmas and Olive's first Christmas this year :)

I feel quite certain that this will be our best Christmas yet!
It's so so nice having our whole little family together and complete!

I hope everyone else is enjoying getting "Christmas Ready" as much as we are!


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Picnic in Front Yard

Can I just say that I LOVE our new neighborhood.
It's perfect for our family's needs at this season in our life!!!
God is so good and knows the desires of our hearts!

The other afternoon, the kiddos got up from naps a little early, so we had a picnic in the front yard :)
It did not disappoint ;)

I love how pretty the sky looked.

Baby Rocket in her Rocket leg warmers!!!

Titus doing his "Whatchyou talking bout, Willis?" face, hahaha

After our little picnic the kids ran across the street to play at the neighbors' house, while Olive and I chilled and I painted her piggies :)
{we love having neighbors!}

The kids and I have loved being back in the best city ever, Hahira!
We've been hitting up the playgrounds, golf carting, story time at the library, and many more things that this little community has to offer :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cane Maze

Blogger did these pics so weird, I tried to re-upload them, but they were still funky?
Oh well!
There is a local cane maze here that I have been wanting to take the kids to, so the other afternoon after naps, Tiff, Ashleigh, and I loaded up all 11 (yes, 11 total) of our kids and headed over!
It was so so fun.  I highly recommend going. If you are a local it's called Amazing-Cane and it's located in Nashville (it was about a 10-15 minute drive).
Here are my funky pics from the adventure:
Isn't this such a cute little entrance?

Neela likes to be lazy when it comes to physical activity, hahaha

I was in charge of Titus and Kaleb :)

sweet baby, Kasen

cutie pies!

(Dear Blogger, I hate you for messing up my pics!)

walking through the cane maze!

pausing for a group shot!
I like to get these out of the way pretty quickly into adventures :)
Captain America, I mean Samuel 

Once we survived the maze (literally!)
we went to visit the little animal exhibit they had set up
the kids loved all the animals!

I betcha can't guess who loved the animals the most?!?
she stayed with her arm in the fence pretty much the rest of the trip ;)

there was a little obstacle course set up for the kids to go through, 
I figured the little guys might need a little help (cough cough Titus!)
so I volunteered to go through it with them while Tiff took pics

hahaha, I know I'm so cool! ;) just kidding

playing in the corn kernels

I love this! Adia immediately took off her shoes to fill the corn between her toes! haha

this swing (which I call a zip line, but Seth says no, ha!) was so cool!

Oh buddy! ;)

the kids were showing no fear!

I ran behind each of them (just in case)

there was a cool dirt area for the kids to dig around in

roasting marshmallows!
the marshmallows actually came with the price of admission, pretty sweet deal ;)

he said, "I a Mess!"

had to get a pic of me with my sweet gurl frans!

Ashleigh with her kiddos

hahaha, Rachael was the only one who would cooperate for a group shot :)

the babies!

we ended to trip by picking sunflowers from the sunflower field out there

It was a nice, fun trip. I am so glad we were able to take the kids out there, it was a nice little Fall treat.
I plan to return again next year :)