Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween 2012

We were so excited that our new house would be in a great neighborhood for trick or treating AND that we would be in the house in time to trick or treat there this year.  In fact our first night in this house was Halloween night, hahaha, isn't that a funny way to "break in the house".

Our troop:
The girls were My Little Pony ponies (Seth and I made the costumes the night before)
Titus was Joe Dirt
Olive was a cute little flower

The James came to party down
{we missed the Popperts, they had a fun fall festival to attend ;) }

Twilight Sparkle Pony and Pinkie Pie Pony

who is ready for some CANDY!!??!!

Lucy May was a sweet little bear

good times!

Seth was so so excited about passing out candy

our first house we stopped at

This picture is so funny to me, we looked down and this was Olive's face
"ummm, I don't get it, how is this fun?" hahaha

happy, giddy little girls!

we gave her a sucker, she was good to go from there on out :)

I love how this picture of Neela captures how much fun she was having!
Every day since Halloween she has asked how many more days until we can go "twick or tweating" again? :)

this one is printed and framed in the girls' My Little Pony room :)

Lucy was being so funny, I kept squatting to take her picture, and she would squat too like me :)

big boy!

he could do it all by himself

her "cutie mark"

After we walked around our neighborhood for a little while, we rode the golf cart (my parents were super sweet to let us borrow it for the night) over to some other neighborhoods.  It was a great night!!!! It made me happy to see all the kids having such a fun time.  I can't wait until next year :)

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  1. Kye LOVED it this year too!!! He keeps talking about next year for halloween all the things we should dress up as and keeps asking other people about their halloweens ;)