Friday, October 28, 2011


I am learning so much about this little girl!  She is so compassionate and sweet!
I am starting to think one of her spiritual gifts is compassion and/or healing :)
The other day we were at a friend's house and her little girl go hurt and Neela was very in tune to her, she kept following her around saying, "What's the matter, what's the matter?" and loving on the little girl.  This is big for Neela because she typically is in her own little world and has always been more interested in animals than people.

Speaking of animals, she LOVES the cat,,like, borderline obsessed loves our cats!!  The other night, after the kids went to bed, Seth saw Neela's hand under the bedroom door and the cat's paw under the door too,,they were holding hands, how sweet!  They don't like to be separated.  Also, the other day I went to wake her up from her nap and I was gently stroking her cheek to wake her up when I noticed that she was dreaming about THOMAS (the cat)!!  She kept saying, "Thomas, Thomas, Thomas" over and over in her dream, hahaha.  When she finally did snap out of it and wake up, the first thing she said was, "Okay, where's Thomas?!"  She shows so much compassion and responsibility with the cats, but especially Thomas (she *almost never has to be reminded to feed and water him, put him up b4 dinner, etc.).

She is typically very good with her older sister and sometimes seems even older than her.  She often takes the "older sibling" role with her and is nurturing with her and looks after her :)
Her favorite story in her little Bible is "The Good Samaritan"!  She will search and search the whole book until she finds THAT story!  Such a big, loveable heart! 

I am very much enjoying learning about my little Nee Nee and helping her grow into her spiritual gifts to advance the KINGDOM!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

horsies, dog, and bullfrog

A friend of mine, Kayla, gave me some goodies for my kids the other day,,,like she seriously HOOKED ME UP with some crafty supplies for me and the kiddos. One of the fun "goodies" were these little horsies, dogs, and bullfrogs to paint,,,
So we thought we would put them to good use :)

Happy to paint, one of her favorite things to do :)

Sneaking in some kisses while she is distracted, haha

She takes it very seriously and will work on her master piece for a lonnnnng time!

Of course  Thomas the cat was in on the action, he is seriously everywhere with us these days (like, he waits outside the bathtub while we are bathing,,it's getting *slightly weird, haha)

 Ta-Da!!!  Our finished products,,,(the pony was painted by Stevie Joy and her mamaw last week)

Later we played with fall leaves and baked muffins (per mom's request) :)

Hope everyone is enjoying their week so far (Hump Day today!!),,,I am looking forward to this weekend because we are going to an adult Halloween party!!!  We are putting the finishing touches on our costumes tonight :) :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Outside Fun

We are loving this cooler weather around here, although by the time Titus wakes up and we go outside the weather has already began warming up, but we "fake it" and still wear scarves and boots because we like to at least pretend that it's fall time, rather the weather agrees or not, haha.

Me with my Handsome little son! (he was very interested in the camera)

He is getting so big!  (love this little smirk on his face hahaha)

I think he will be tall like his daddy, look at those FEET!!!

 I love these next couple of ones, the girls are happily playing....

...and then you can see Titus coming along...

Ahhhhh, he found us.....

He makes himself known, haha

...and the girls flee!!!!

He's like, "Never mind, it was boring anyway!" :)

Playing on the trampoline (her fav outside toy)

He is growing to like it too (highly supervised of course!)

Wow, I am seriously starting to POP!!

 It's my "winter coat" haha

I can't wait to meet her!!  I wonder what she will look like, act like, sleep like, eat like,,,all of her siblings have been totally different so far!
 she loves to swing on her belly! (I use to do this all the time too, she also likes twisting herself all up in the swing and then LAUNCHING so she untwists super fast!!! (also a trick I have performed many times)

This little car has gotten lots and lots of love.  Seth's Mimi got it for Stevie Joy for her 1st bday, all our kids still enjoy riding on it,,,he has a blast on this little car,,3 years later and still going strong, great buy!!

Discovering nature in the backyard (mushrooms).  The girls made the clever observation that the shroom looked like a doughnut b/c it WAS round like a doughnut,,I say WAS because it was short lived, SJ stomped on it (notice Neela with *one boot on, she's always losing a shoe!)

Pause, for a Yoo-Hoo break :)

and by noon we were all barefoot with layers peeled down and were sweating!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Guess Who ;)

After lunch the other day, Seth took these pics of the kids place mats,,,see if you can guess which place mat belongs to which child :)



If you guessed 1-Stevie, 2-Titus, and 3-Neela, then you guessed right!  Neela has always been my messy child!!  As a baby, she was super drooley (to the point that I would tell people that they probably didn't want to hold her b/c she would for sure spit up on them).  I constantly carried spare shirts in the car with me b/c she would get ME super gross and smelly too!! 
Some things never change, haha, I love my 2nd born, funny, ditzy, dreamy, beautiful little girl :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall Festival Night in Hahira

Last night we rode our bikes up to the little fall festival that our city put on (I love riding bikes up town, great weather, great exercise and makes the adventure seem funner!)

                                                     *Most of these pictures were taken with my phone (so the quality is kinda rough, haha)

Enjoying the bounce house they had there (with her kitty, ha!)

Titus was such a "swiper" and stole everyone's suckers

We stayed for a while enjoying the cake walk (Megows won TWICE, nice!)
Chit Chatted with fellow Hahiraians
Ate lots of Candy
Did the Hay Maze
Then went to the little local grocery store for some tomato juice (making soup) and got MORE CANDY from the store owners, they are super sweet!
Then rode bikes back to the house and enjoyed the rest of our "sugar high"  

                                          *Yes, I was trying to show off our painting in this picture :)

This is where Stevie Joy hides (on the side of the couch) so that her brother and sister don't steal her candy

Notice the sugar high eyes!!

We had a great time, and except for the Hahira cops, we enjoy Hahira living!

Here is an "bonus" pic for everyone, my friend Kayla gave the girls some of those Furr Real cats and our oldest cat, Yucky (Stevie named her a while back, before she got good at giving names),,,anyways, Yucky LOVES this fake cat, and even tries to nurse off the cat, this just adds to her list of weird traits haha!