Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

This is Seth. I wanted to surprise Crissy with something I wrote for while she was sleeping. Hope you enjoy it Crissy :)

How can I put my feelings towards you into words? As a wife and mother, you play such a major role in our lives, writing a simple “I love you” or “Happy Mother’s Day” could express all you mean to me and the kids.

All of your personality traits (the ones I love to the ones that annoy me) are the reason I love you. I love how you are so fun and carefree. You are such a great and positive to be around. Even though I complain about how family being put on a schedule, I really appreciate all the time you put into planning different events for us. We would never do all the things we like to do and see the people we like to see without you putting in the time creating plans in advance.

People always say that we are a cute family. Here’s how I take that comment:

Prior to having kids, I was sure you would be a great mommy. But I had no idea how good of a mom you would actually be. Honestly, I can’t even comprehend how you have so much compassion and patience with our kids :)

Yes, the kids and I would be completely clueless you. This is a scenario of how a normal event, like going to church would place out. Instead of staying up all night planning church outfits and lunch plans (taking into account prices and proximity to the church) and showing up to church on time with everyone fed and looking great, The kids and I would show up to church 15 minutes late. Neela would be covered in peanut butter (due to the fact that breakfast would have been peanut butter and a spoon). Titus would be dressed in a Christmas outfit in the month of May, and Stevie would probably be wearing one of my t-shirts.

More than being such a great mom, you are smokin’ hot. Seriously, I am truly blessed to have such a beautiful bride!

Olive is going to be blessed to have you for a mom. [No people, we are not pregnant :) ]. I just have a feeling that we will have another girl next, and that’s the name we have picked out.

That’s what friends are for”…  For those who don’t know, that’s our song. Even though it’s super cheese and 80’s, if you read the lyrics, wouldn’t you want your spouse to be there no matter what?  That’s the kind of support that Crissy shows the kids and I every day. I can’t until wait Stevie, Neela, and Titus are old to learn that song. I will teach them to walk around singing it all day. Yes, just like me, and yes…. just as annoying.

Happy tummies. I just want to say that I love coming home to your delicious dinners. Even though, I used to cook more than you. I must say that lately, the kids and I have been extremely impressed with your culinary creations. You are even making me a Salmon Patty fan.

Even the dogs love you. I can’t even get them to go outside. You have such a peaceful spirit, that animals instinctively know that you are sweet and kind.

Rather than writing something super sweet here, I just want to tell you one of my favorite Crissy mommy memories. You had to take all of the kids into the doctor’s office by yourself. I can barely make it through a doctor’s appointment with one kid. Anyways, you texted me from the doctor’s office, I was expecting it to be something like this “These kids are driving me crazy” or “God, give me the strength”, but instead you just send me a picture of Neela and Stevie being silly in the doctor’s office. Seriously, how blessed are we, that in the midst of a doctor’s visit, we have a mother in our family that can bring even enough joy to not only make a boring event fun for the kids, but enough happiness to cheer me up at work.

Sure, you have tough days at home with the kids, but I don’t know anyone that can handle it with such grace. I am learning how to be a great parent, but taking tips from the best mom I know, you!

Darn Good Mother: Any woman who can live with and care for 4 other Megows and not go insane.

Almost done here; I just want you to know, that you mean to the world to us Crissy. I doubt any of our kids will be “Daddy’s Girls” or vice versa. You are such an awesome person. Everyone always tells me how you brightened their day somehow; and how blessed are we… you get to be with you everyday!

You, Me, Stevie, Neela, and Titus. Your family. We love you so much!!!

Happy Mothers Day!!!