Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tea Party

Oh how I love tea parties!
We make it legit around here!

Wear fancy clothes....
(sister just knew to be pumped about playing dress up, she is ooooing and aaaawwwwing 
over her pretty dress)
getting dolled up

putting make up on Little Olive

the girls actually did pretty well on my make up, no? ;)

she loved it!!!!!

group shot!
Titus loved the make up, but the dress up clothes? not so much, to be honest he is kinda 
boycotting clothes all together :)

I love how happy Olive is *especially during dress up!!

hee hee, Birdy playing along too

okay, so let's get to the tea party

another thing we do to make it legit is we make real tea

Stevie's face is so funny to me!
I do that face when I feed babies too :)

The kids girls enjoyed the tea party!
Titus was kinda all over the place and kept trying to steal everyone's cups
this boy has gotta learn some manners somehow some way, hahaha.

I am so excited because a friend of mine, Sylvia, is planning on having a real tea party
at her house soon with beautiful fine china and I am taking Stevie! She's going to love it
and it will be a great little one on one time for us :)

 Until then we will keep practicing our little tea parties at the house.
And we will keep it "legit"!!!!


Monday, July 30, 2012

Peach Milkshakessssss

We made some peach ice cream the other night!
And that junk was the bomb!
I am normally not much of a fruit in desserts kind of person,
but Seth literally MADE me try it
and I am so glad he did!!

Here's the recipe:
mix 2 peaches, 1/4 cup of pineapple juice, tablespoon of sugar
then blended it into a milkshake (skim milk and frozen low fat yogurt)
 oh and for Pete's sake, a cherry on top (with a little cool whip), haha

little kitchen helper 

check it:

The milkshakes were so incredibly good!
Titus was so sweet to think of little Rocket needing a taste!

I may be converting over to fruit in desserts after all.
Maybe, just maybe I will try a cobbler!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Prayer Sticks and Mr. Froggy

Adventures in Megow Hizzy...

Mr. Huge (scawwwy) Frog came in our house the other day

I try so hard to not show my (ridiculous, unnecessary) fear of frogs in front of the kids

We were trying to get him out of the house

Stevie said, "I got him" haha, with this huge wooden block

Titus thought that the whole thing was hysterical

We ended up trapping him up under this green bowl until Daddy came home

to help set him free
(he's our hero!)


A fun thing we have started doing with the kids are these prayer sticks
we wrote the names of all our family and friends and a few other 
important things (dance school, adoption, our home church, etc.) on the sticks
throughout the day, we let the kids pick names to pray over

It's been so great! I love how they get so excited to pray!!


This is going to be a fun week, Seth's parents are coming for the week, my kids are 
PUMPED!!!! :)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cup Time!!

4th times a charm right? 
hahaha, we're trying to start Olive out on her cup on time

so that she won't turn out like our other sillies:
one that likes to drink with a spoon most often:

one that still prefers a bottle 
OR a coffee cup! ha!!!!

so needless to say, we're doing it "right" this time

and doesn't she look so happy about it? ;)


Friday, July 27, 2012

Splash Park

The other day, I got a wild hair in me and decided after naps to load up and 
head to the local splash pad park!

I stopped off and let the kids pick out their favorite color icee (this was the first
icee experience).  It was a hit :)
pink-Neela, yellow-Stevie, blue-Titus

Sitting good waiting on their icee :)

group shot with Olive in it :)


I always feel bad seeing little babies in car seats, I didn't make her stay like this long ;)

Neela wanted to wear her boots to the park,,,so funny!
my mother in law so this picture and said it looked like a cover
of National Enquirer (so true)

pretty sure he liked the icee!


enjoying the park a little bit too

Oh man, I love these next two pics of Titus
he is such a funny little boy
he had the best time there!

The kids had a great time! It was a nice little outing for us :)
Poor Olive was super duper hot so we were only able to stay for like an hour
but it was a really fun hour!!