Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Olive (Marie)

For some reason, I always call Olive by the name of "Olive Marie".
hahaha, this girl has like a thousand nicknames!
Anyways, the other day while Titus was doing his speech therapy up at the school, I decided to do a fun little photo shoot with Miss Olive Marie :)

She is IN LOVE with these boots from our cuz Josie :)

I can just hear her little laughter in this pic!

She is such a delightful little child. AND is getting better about letting others hold her, a little :)

I wanted to include these pics too, it was a different day, but she was still rocking those boots!!

I finally got me a girly girl! She adores skirts and dresses. She is always wanting her nails painted!! She cooos and grins when I fix her hair and doll her up. Her newest thing is jewelry! She has to be wearing jewelry at all times now! I love it. My older girls were never (and still aren't) into make up, hair bows, jewelry, etc. but this girl lives for it!! She really is a little doll :)

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  1. She does remind me of Neela when she was younger! Such a pretty girl:)