Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fall Crafts!

I love doing crafts with the kids. I feel that it stimulates them and it's fun and a great, fun way to learn :)
The other day I invited Ashleigh and Liz over so we could do some crafty Fall-themed with the kids.
Ashleigh ended up having to work, but Liz still brought Adia along so that she didn't miss out on the fun.

First up, a nature scavenger hunt (Sam LOVES scavenger hunts, like he LIVES for them!).

See how serious Sam takes it :)

After the hunt, we went inside and did leaf prints from the leaves we gathered:

all you need:
paper (cut in half)
leaves (place them under the paper)
fall colored crayons (lightly color the top of the paper over the leaf)
scrapbook paper (then glue your finished leaf print onto some scrapbook paper)
hole punch
string/ribbon (thread the string through the top of the scrapbook paper)

completed project:
I love how it turned out and the kids all loved it too!! :)


Friday, September 28, 2012

Our Engagement Story

I am participating in a link up with one of my bff's today, Emily, over at Journey of Parenthood.  
We are all sharing in on our engagement stories for Flashback Friday.

You guys should join the link up, it's fun :)


Here goes our engagement story:

Seth and I were best buds! Like for real, we had the most fun together, and I loved being around him.

riding around in our  , I mean his 66 bus

He had confessed his "crush" on me, but I didn't think much of it, in fact I tried to forget about it all together really, because I just wanted to keep things the way they were, being his best friend!  
We were bestest bestest friends for a few months.
Then one night while helping a friend move into her new apartment, 
something just happened
and I suddenly saw Seth in a totally different way! I mean like literally one minute he was just my friend
and the next I liked him! Like liked him liked him! ;)
So we kissed!  
It was amazing!
And when you know you know. 
It was this wonderful, wonderful revelation!  
Goose bumps present, Holy Spirit present, it was crunk!
And we both felt it and knew it at the exact.same.time.

 {in fact, we currently re-enact this "kiss moment" all the time!)

Seth was pretty out of it for the rest of the night. 
He was in shock I guess?

The next day,we went to our friend Reed's house to hang out.
We were alone (somehow? I guess our friends were in the kitchen or something, not sure?), and so we kissed again! However, this time he didn't throw up or go into serious shock ;)

That night (and I am NOT kidding, he asked me to marry him).
He didn't have a ring or anything like that, but he did pick me a beautiful flower and it was very precious to me.  I of course said yes and was super super pumped!

I just happen to have a picture of us on the roof top of Reed's house:

We walked around town for the rest of the night and on into the morning doing silly stuff, like we went to a gas station and found out it was the clerk's birthday so we went and baked her a cake and brought it to her and sang Happy Birthday to her!  Hahaha, silly.

Seth baptized me at Southland church (about a month later).

Then we were married a few months later (at Southland).
Funny story.  This whole engagement thing was in August, and we decided to marry in March (spring break from college).  However, we were just ready to be married!!!!  So we moved the date UP!!  We ended up picking the date of January 22nd, which ended up being his dad's spiritual bday and his Papa Bob's birthday (neato). 

Our wedding was perfect, beautiful, and fun!

and now look at us (almost 8 years later, 4 kids and counting):
Happy as can be, madly in love, chasing after Jesus, serving His people, raising up these kiddos into disciples, still doing random fun things all.the.time, laughing hard, and enjoying the journey with one another!

I love Mr. Megow! Marrying him was the 2nd best decision I ever made.


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Chocolate Pretzels

Seth made chocolate covered pretzels with the girls the other night (Titus and I were at home church and Olive had gone to bed for the night).  He's such a sweetie to do fun things like this with the kids AND to even take pics too :)

they made white for me (they are my fav!)

oooooey and gooooey chocolate!

just your regular Wednesday night ;)

checking to see if they were dry yet 

Seth is such a great Dad.  The kids really love him so much and love being around him!
He's fun :) :) :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Weekend Recap

It was such a fun, eventful weekend (well, for me anyway).

Friday night a bunch of us girls from church got together to celebrate Miss Sabrina on her bday.

I love "action" shots (can't you tell how much fun we were having)!

I am friends with some very pretty ladies

had to get one of us "mommies" under the lights!

(side note:  I love Lizzie's legs! and Ashleigh has the most beautiful skin ever!)

It was such a fun time had by all.
The food was super yummy and the band was GREAT!  
There was not ONE song that I didn't know!!!  I'm just cool like that.

I wanted to sing Happy Birthday with the band (it's what I do, ha!), but the leader was sorta a mic hog! oh well, I at least got to sing along and dance with the birthday girl!

our table was crunk!

dancing it up to some oldies!
I love Denah's whole body laugh, it makes my heart so happy!

us, being silly

so, I stayed up waaaay to late, but it was worth it!

The next morning (and my fav part of the weekend), we were all sitting around eating breakfast and drinking coffee (adults only), when surprisingly, in walks Benn and Liz (thank God we were dressed, and I even had on a bra!!).  They came by to drop off Lucy so she could nap during Sam's soccer game.  I love friends like this, I truthfully don't even think they knocked on the door.  They came in, grabbed some coffee, finished off my eggs, told some hilarious jokes, left their babe and then headed out the door all within about 5 minutes ;) love it!!!

After the game (and Lucy's nap) the moms took the kids to a birthday party we were all invited to.  I helped out with the party and dressed as a clown and did balloon animals, face painting, games, pie throwing, etc.

Tootie (or Tutu as some people call me, haha) with the birthday boy, Landon.

after the party, I came home and helped put the kids in the bath, made dinner, and put them to bed.
Then got ready to go out with my boo to our 10 year high school reunion.

It was a lot of fun!
I laughed so hard and had so much fun!  
The girls who put it together did such an amazing job with it all.
Seth and I had a great time being all giddy and silly!!!!  
Someone even offered to pay our sitter so that we would stay out longer, haha, now that's a great friend!

By Sunday I was d-r-a-g-g-i-n-g  t-i-r-e-d!  But church was amazing and FORTY people got baptized, Amen! We all enjoyed some afternoon naps (minus Neela who thought it would be hilarious to go to Mimi's during naps, ugh that girl!).  Then after naps we cleaned (yuck) and decorated the house in "all fall ya'll" with this pretty little one (who you know took it so seriously!)

It was a great weekend, and I think that I may be still recovering from my sleep deprivation, but it was all totallllly worth it.