Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend Fun

Friday night was spent at our family's favorite place to eat at (thanks to our Aunt Susu for the gift certificate for my bday)

Saturday morning was pretty low key, we were planning to go to the strawberry patch, but it was raining, so we just hung around the house (it rains literally every time we plan to go to the strawberry patch!)

we loved on this little beauty

He still sits very patiently while I nurse Rocket, until he gets his turn to hold her,,,it's so so sweet!

took a little stroll, hahaha!

Then after naps we headed to a good friend of ours' wedding (Casey and Jordan's)
Group shot, not perfect but we're all together :)

People are starting to ask if the older three are triplets, that is so funny to me!

I LOVE to see my man wearing my baby!  Seth is such a great daddy

Sunday morning was an amazing church service, and afterwards we all went to Alina's birthday party at Jump n Jax.  Originally, I was just going to take the big girls while Titus napped, however, Titus ended up falling asleep on Seth (on accident,hahaha) during worship, so it worked out nice because this meant we all got to go to the party:)

 (I have been down a little this week about some upcoming changes, my spirit is joyful again, Praise Jesus!)

This is Titus's favorite place to go!!  I am glad he got to join in on the fun :)

Of course she had a blast!!

Stevie Joy was sooooo happy to get to play with Alina Love, she has always adored her (and her mommy too)!

It was a really fun weekend, pretty busy and crunk, but it was all super fun things, just the way we like it!!


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