Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Strawberry Patch

The other day we went and visited our local strawberry patch.

The girls fell asleep in the car on the way there (they often do this when they don't nap that day, it annoys me, but it's what they do, ha)

Wake up sleepy heads we're here!:

Ready to pick some berries:

Stevie Joy asked if we could eat McDonalds for dinner after the patch, and we told her only if she wears this fry costume, we were mostly kidding (it was super hot out), but she took us seriously ;)

Posing with the strawberry man:
Stevie and (guess, Neela or Titus????) (answer: Titus)

Me and Tee Tee

Baby Rocket chilling in her stroller, ready to punch someone with those fists, ha!

My good friend, Liz, french braided my hair and it lasted soooo for days, love braids!

He's really into sunglasses these days

picking some strawberries, I love how SJ is using her pumpkin bucket as her basket

I uploaded these pics to facebook and tagged the farm and this is the pic they chose to use as their profile pic for their facebook page, what a compliment :)

What he did the whole time, ran down the rows

little snack

Poor baby, I know she had to be hot, but she didn't understand our joke and was dead set on wearing that thing until she got her some McDonalds!!

So Neela was starting to act grumpy and we were just thinking it was due to the short nap in the car, she did keep saying her tummy hurt, but she says this a lot, typically so that she can go lay down in bed and *hopefully* I will give in and put on a movie for her in her room, it rarely rarely happens, but she's hopeful, ha!

looking back at these pics I guess I was an idiot, you can totally tell home girl has to poop!!

Seth and I

super chilled baby!

paying for our yummy delicious berries

Pretty successful, fun trip,,until,,,,
we get to the car and as Seth is buckling up Neela he realizes that she has pooped EVERYWHERE!!! OMG, every fruit fly in the whole patch found us!!  The car was filled with them, poop was all over the place (sopped, {like the word Ems}, through her clothes), Rocket is over it by now and is screaming, and it's hot really hot!!!  Seth runs and grabs a wal-mart bag from inside and we clean her up and get through it.  Seth was dying laughing the whole time, but I wasn't really to that point yet, ha!

Since Stevie was true to her word and wore her costume the whole time, we had  to still go eat at McDonalds!!  Thankfully, we found some bloomers in the car and Neela just had to wear her shirt as a dress, ha!

The McDonalds Mascot:

We had a blast, it was definitely an adventure, but with 4 kiddos 4 years of age and under what isn't an adventure? hahaha :)


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