Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Multi-tasking Moms Unite!

Since becoming a mommy, my multi-tasking skills have gotten so much better (still not so great while cooking though, but better) ;)  I use to be so terrible at multi-tasking!  
Becoming a mommy, especially to multiple children running around, has helped sharpen that skill!

Exhibit A: washing my hair outside while the kids play in the pool, my hair was getting greasy and I knew I had to work the next day (or I probably wouldn't even care, ugh, dirty hippie!)

I even got a chance to do my "3 minute miracle" by Aussie!
psh, they don't give a crap what I do when they are in their pool, I could run to Valdosta and back and they would probably never notice, ha! (I totally would NEVER EVER do that though, do not call DFCS!)

Exhibit B:  When I need to make phone calls, I ride everyone around on the golf cart while talking, for some reason riding on the golf cart puts my kids in like a "trance" and they are sooo quiet!  This helps me to talk in peace!
Exhibit C:  Here's how I wind everyone down at the end of the day
I love that we have an over sized recliner so that all the kids can sit with me at the same time

well,,,,almost all the kids, hahaha!
 even when she was a baby, she never really liked to be held very much while watching tv?  often times, the whole family is cuddling on the couch and she is down on the floor? silly girl

this girl LOVES tv!!  alllll day long she asks me to watch it!
 I think her dream day would be a movie marathon!

I am pretty much the queen of "killing two birds with one stone" :)
I am pretty time oriented, my love language actually is quality time.
I try really hard to make the most of my time.  

And Exhibit D:  throw in a little multi-tasking with this blog entry and brag on my little Neela's hair! Seriously, look at this head of hair, it's beautiful! And this is straight out of the pool and I didn't even brush it, it just dried like this!  Sister has some pretty locks :)

What are some good multi-tasking tips you guys have?


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