Thursday, April 5, 2012

Intense Doctor's Appointment

So pretty much everything about this doc appointment was bad/wrong/weird!  First off, I totally didn't even remember this appointment, thank God I get those little appointment reminders through email.  I forgot about it so much, I totally didn't even know which one of my four kids the appt was for, hahaha.  Since Stevie Joy just had a birthday I guessed that it was for her :)
The night before the appointment Titus had a bad night and woke up in the middle of the night crying, once I finally got him settled down and back to sleep (1.5 hour later), Olive woke up to nurse and then even she had a hard time going back to sleep.  Thus putting me behind on my sleep for our early morning appt, not cool.  I made myself some coffee, but Titus knocked the cup over and it spilled out everywhere (thankfully, he didn't get burned).  Decaffeinated is not how I like doing things in the morning :)
We pulled up to the parking lot and got out, I decided to wear Olive in the sling since it was her nap time anyways (I felt like she wouldn't nap that easily in the carseat and that thing is HEAVY and the stroller is in need of a good cleaning).  The other three walked hand in hand beside me.  We got inside and there was hardly anyone in the waiting room and we barely had any wait time (good thing).  It did up being that the appt was for Stevie :)  She was such a big girl and did great for her height, weight, hearing test, vision test, and even did really well about peeing in a cup!  
Here's where the appt went down hill.  Titus was getting a little antsy so I decided to go ahead and let the kids get their toy from the treasure chest on the way back to the exam room since we walk right by it anyways.  I thought in letting them go ahead and get the toy that they would have something to keep them occupied and happy while we finished out the rest of the appt.  Sounds like a great plan, right? WRONG!  Once Titus got his toy I guess he thought the appt was over, so when we went back into the room he LOST it and got really upset, especially when I closed the door.  I tried calming him down and blowing in his face (b/c he was holding his breath).  I opened the door to the room thinking that this would help him, but he fell out and turned blue and seized a little.  The only good part was that the doc was right there so finally he got to witness it (I have been trying to capture it on video, but no luck).  So the doc helps me pick Titus up, who btw is completely passed out (but breathing) and put him on the exam table.  Then I feel hot, yellow poop dripping all down me onto the floor, great Rocket has a BLOW OUT diaper!!!!  Remember, I still have her in the sling on me.  So I proceed to take her out of the sling to change her diaper, while Titus is still passed out on the exam table.  Then Neela starts screaming, "I gotta pee right now! I gotta pee right now!"  At this point the doc has gone to go and get help from the other staff members.  Let me tell you, with all of this going on I was so embarrassed.  Embarrassed!  Out of all the emotions I choose to feel, embarrassed is the won that wins.  I was embarrassed because I felt like people were thinking I couldn't handle this.  Like why on Earth do I have all these kids if I can't handle it.  I wish I would quit thinking about what others thought of me!  Because, to be honest, looking back they probably couldn't even tell that I was stressed or embarrassed I really did handle it all pretty gracefully.  I was probably most upset with Neela!  I had asked her to go pee while we were in the bathroom with Stevie peeing in the cup.  So a sweet nurse takes Neela to the bathroom, while I finish up changing Olive who has poop everywhere!  And Titus is starting to come out of his spell and is crying because he is so freaked out as to what is happening. Stevie is hiding under the chair because she is so terrified about her shots and Neela is with the nurse in another room going potty!! OMG, can you even fathom all of this, hahaha.  
Everyone is calmed down now.  Neela is back from the potty.  Rocket is changed into a clean diaper and just chilling on the exam table (with me right by her side).  Titus is calm now and I am holding him.  Poor Stevie, who the appt is for is trying to stay calm and strong for her shots :)
Then the P.A. comes in and explains that Titus's neuro appt for Augusta has been scheduled for April 23rd.  Not good news, because this is the same exact day as his 3 day eeg that we have been waiting on.  Now we have to decide which way to proceed.  Not a decision I want to make, nor feel like I should make under these circumstances, ha!
Then, dum dum dum the shots!!!!!!  SJ was so upset that it was getting Titus upset, so I HAD to take him out of the room so that he didn't have another spell.  Here I am outside the room with Titus while one nurse holds Olive (I took her out of the sling and haven't had a chance to put her back in), one nurse holds SJ down, one does the shots.  And oh, it was the saddest thing ever, Stevie was in the room crying, "Mommy, Mommy where are YOU!?"  I seriously started to tear up a little, I felt so bad.  However, the P.A. was outside the room and said, "Don't feel bad, Mama, my little girl got hers the other day and I wasn't even in there, I was out here serving other children."  To be honest, that statement really really did help.  It could've been a lot worse.
The whole thing could've been worse.  Thank God for Titus coming out of his spell.  Thank God the doctor was finally able to witness Titus during one of his spells.  Thank God for a potty trained 2 year old that can tell me when she needs to go potty.  Thank God for a super easy baby, Olive is a rock star for real! Thank God for 4 wonderful wonderful years with my sweet baby girl, Stevie.  Thank God for a very laid back doctor who took the whole thing really in a laughing matter, ha!  He was very calm and encouraging :)  Thank God it gets to be me that take my kids to these appts.  I could be working a 9-5 job all day everyday and not get to be with them.

We *were going to go do something fun after the appt, but I needed to get Titus home after that spell (he gets so tired after them).  On the way home here is how my conversation with the girls went:

Neela:  "Mommy, let's go eat at Chic Fil A"
Me:  "No baby, Mommy is so tired after all of that, I'm so sorry."
Neela:  "Well WE are not tired." 
Stevie:  "No, Neela, we cannot go any where else, because I have on my new shoes and I do NOT want them getting dirty, you know that!"

*I don't think they were even affected by the whole morning* hahaha :)
Oh, to be as resilient as my children are ;)

P.S. sorry no pics, this post was more of a ramble/vent and a great way for me to look back on things



  1. I am so happy to hear that Titus okay! May I say that YOU ARE A SUPER MOM!

  2. Crissy, I cried the whole way through! I didn't even expect it to go as far as it did. I'm so sorry. You are incredible! That's all there is to it. I'm instantly humbled.