Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ahhhhh 5:00!!!!!!

Probably none of you guys' house looks like this, but here is how my house goes around 5:00 :)
(and Emily Parker, I know, I know, you want to see the 7-8, it's coming, I promise)
Ahhhhh, OMG, it's 5:00!!!!!
Seth will be off soon, time to whip this house into shape so that it at least appears that the house has been clean and tidy all day :)

Here we go:

Can't have these

he's no help:

ahhhh,,5:24 grab the broom

Come on girls we got this!!

Okay, we have no time, Plan B: pour a crap ton of Pine Sol in the sink, the smell will hit him right when he walks in the door and he will forget about everything else, hahaha

This doesn't happen in anyone else's house does it?  Surely not ;)



  1. Haha!!!! Too funny! I cleaned the whole house today for zach and he didnt even notice!! def not doing that again!