Tuesday, April 17, 2012

At the Car Wash, Yeah!

We have been talking recently about being a good steward and taking care of our things.
Stevie mentioned that her car was dirty and that she needed to clean it, so impromptu car wash afternoon (which also means impromptu photo shoot of that car wash afternoon, hahaha).

She thought it was so fun to drive her car through the sprinkler a.k.a the car wash!
P.S. sorry that my kids are pretty much ALWAYS naked, when we go outside they do have clothes on, but then they strip down in a matter of minutes, I try to keep at least bathing suits on them, but they even take those off, so I just try to get creative when taking their pics so you don't see many hineys and stuff :)

While she washed her car she sang,

 "Thank you Jesus for my cars,
 I am taking care of them,
 taking care of them
Thank you Jesus for my cars,
 I am taking care of them,
 taking care of them"

*she is such a nut*!!

washing all the cars

Olive is starting to have longer wake times, so she has been hanging out with us outside too
~I have to admit that I have been in somewhat denial that I have another "Seth-marked baby", but after this pic I don't think I can live in denial anymore ;)

of course sportin' her sun hat ;)

I enjoy watching the kids grow up and learn.  I try to teach them responsibility and cleanliness (it doesn't come naturally to Seth nor I), so we are trying hard to instill it in them pretty early on. :)


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