Friday, April 6, 2012

Rainbow Jello-o Thursday

My good friend, Liz, and her kiddos came over to play and we had this little lovely:


How awesome is this!!!

The kiddos diggin in!

I have to admit I was a little unsure about eating it myself at first (I am not a big jello fan), but this stuff was super yummy in fact I may or may not be eating some leftovers right now as I am typing this :)

back to playing ;)  The kids all play together so well!

In fact when the James were leaving, SJ hopped in the car with them and was so sure that she was leaving to stay the night too.  She has had lots of people stay the night with her, so I didn't even really think about the fact that this was her first time staying the night off with a friend!  She loves Sam and Eliza and Liz too ;)  and it's great practice for next weekend when she stays for the weekend while we go to a wedding up in ATL!!

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