Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Megow Store Opening

I love playing pretend with my kiddos.  Kids really do learn best in their natural setting, through play, and if it is something they are interested in (Yes, I have my degree in education, hahaha).

The other day we played "Store".

We made signs, got little grocery baggies, set up the laptop for the cashier, and made a little price sheet (number recognition)

oh and money, lots of money :)

SJ really wanted to be the "payer" as she called it
Titus played along quite well

here is our price sheet, I let the kids pick out what they wanted to sell at their "store"
"poop" always ends up in all of our games somehow??? ;)

The lady at Fiveash's here in Hahira wears a red apron how SJ recalled this I have no clue (but she really does)  I was sure to notice last time we were in that store, my child must have a photographic memory
Anyways, SJ wanted to wear her red apron to really be the "payer"
I do, however, feel pretty certain that she does not wear a lady bug hat, hahaha

What kind of shopper are you?

a focused get it done shopper:

or a stop and fluff your hair shopper? ;)

I love watching my kids play so well together, often Seth and I just sit back and smile at them, they really are so cute and sweet and growing up rather lovely :)

My little "payer" a.k.a cashier

another thing we do with this game is spelling out the words, I just open up a Word document and she spells the word of the item being bought, often she can spell it on her own, but I help her when she gets stuck 

Olive makes a great customer, ha! (p.s. check out her jeggings, even the baby rocks them)

Like most games we play around here,,,Stevie Joy is into them hardcore for a long time, but the younger ones lose interest pretty quickly and need something else to do while she is "on a roll"

or they (like Neela here) just lay around waiting on the next activity :)

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