Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Fun 2012

Okay so this post is going to be a LOT of pics and not a whole lot of words, sorry.

First off, taking the kids to see the bunny at the mall (who never showed, grrr!)

still waiting.....

We waited with all four kiddos for nearly an hour then our hungry tummies won and we blew that joint and headed to Cici's for PIZZA!!!

We have a yearly Easter tradition of coloring Easter eggs at Seth's mimi's house with Seth's Aunt Suzanne and her daughter Lili :)

Mimi was so sweet to hold little Ollie for us while we helped the kids

Seth's mom came over to help with Titus (Mimi's house is attached to their home)
I really appreciate her help with him, he's a handful!!!

We like to get really into it and bring lots of supplies ;)

Seth's Aunt Suzanne (I love her!)
She is a for real actress, how cool is that!!!

While we waited on the eggs to dry (so we could hide them), we went to visit the cows (here's the little baby, Ronnie)


the cousins played so well together!

Seth hid the eggs for the kiddos :)  I forgot that Lili may still believe in the Easter Bunny?  oops, we don't say that the bunny hides the eggs, they know that the bunny is not real and that it's just a fun story/tradition that we do, and that really Mommy and Daddy put the goodies in their baskets because we want to give them a gift to show our love for them, and they know that we hide the eggs too, to them it's like a game of hide and seek just with eggs :)

Seth playing with confetti eggs his sister brought from Alaska :)

The next morning we got the kids up for church, when they walked out of their rooms their was a line of candy trailing to their baskets (some friends of ours do this at Christmas to the presents)

We got ready and headed to church for worship
 Then went over to Seth's parents' house for lunch (amazingly good food, as always!)

Seth's dad took these pics for us, he did so great!
Later, I found out that he use to actually dabble in a little photography (how did I not know this?)

Post lunch, Post afternoon naps,,,another hunt of course :)

I love these following pics of the girls, they are so PRETTY!!!

Me with my little Rocket :)

Back inside to go through their treasures :)

And some popcorn for dinner!
Along with lots of eggs, haha, Seth said that our family is officially so cool because our dinner was hard boiled eggs! At least it doesn't take much to impress him 

I am still a little unsure about the whole Easter thing and our kids are getting older so I feel like we really need to see what's up.  I mean we talked for two weeks all about the real story of Easter.  Jesus!!!  The girls really really seemed to get it, they are simply amazing!  Then on Sunday night when I asked Stevie Joy about Easter she went on and on about the CANDY!  Candy is not bad, but still it made me a little sad.  However, I do not want to be some weirdo that hates the bunny, hahaha.  So I guess I am still on the fence about things?  Or maybe we have just come to a nice compromise :)   I mean we talk about Jesus every day of the year.  At Easter we try to do a good job of focusing on the Easter story as well as having our kids color eggs and do other fun "spring time" activities/crafts.  I do not feel comfortable lying to my kiddos about anything, so it has never even crossed our minds to say the Easter Bunny brought them, (same with Santa).  We feel comfortable in our Spirit with it and we will just take it when year at a time, nothing really has to be set in stone, ya know.  It is difficult for me though, because it is something so serious (the story of Jesus dying on the cross, risen again), but the Easter bunny with the eggs and such is so light hearted, it's a little strange combining the two.
I think next year we will participate in Lent as a family and I am looking forward to that :)


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