Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Our Kids are Hilarious!

I love all the little funny hilarious things are kiddos say.
It totally keeps the house interesting!!
Here are a few recent ones:

Stevie: "Mommy, when I grow up like you I am going to be fat."
Neela: "Yeah, SO fat!"


Neela:  "Mommy, I need some brownies because I have the hiccups!!"


(okay, this one I said, but it pertains to Titus so it counts hee hee)

Me:  "Titus, please get your cheese toast out of the bath tub"


Stevie:  "Mama, pull this car over and spank Neela!!!!!


This following is a bad one, Stevie Joy said her first "bad word"

Stevie:  "I am pissed at the cats!"

When we asked her where she heard this word (we were waiting for her to say me or Seth, but instead she said, "Neela taught me this word!!") seriously!? :)


The other day, we told Neela it was nap time, she looked at us very confused and said in her super cute valley girl/dingy/but-deep-like-a-man-at-the-same-time- voice and said,

 "I so tired????" she is so clueless sometimes!


I did a front flip on the trampoline and stevie was amazed!  she said
Stevie:  wow, when I get big I am SO going to do that!!!

Our kids bless us in so many ways!  I love having a big family! The other day I was telling Seth that I didn't think a certain friend of ours liked kids very much (we'll call him Mr. "X") and his response was, "WHAT!? why they are HILARIOUS!!!!"  I feel the same way.  Before we had kids of our own we were always baby sitting for our church families and we even worked at our church's school for a while.  Kids are the bomb!  I am very excited to add more kids to our fUnNy family through adoption in the Lord's perfect timing!! :)

Random pic for fun:


  1. psh. Mr. X needs to check himself. ;) I LOVE KIDS!! Babies are sweet & I love them, as well. But, I REALLY love kids!!! They crack me up!!! I want 50 more!! But, I'm done so I'll just play with yours. :)

  2. hilarious words!! kids are the best.
    and we have an olive too!