Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Homestudy Approved!!!

Guess what, folks?
We are now Home Study Approved?


In the state of Ga, before any child is placed in a home for adoption, the family must first pass a home study.
So when we were looking into adoption, we knew that THIS was our first step.
So that's what we have done :)
The Lord has carried us so far already in this Journey of adoption!
HE has provided us with a big enough house, fenced in yard, insurance, income, etc.!!!!

So now what?...Good question!
And one that I do not really know the answer to, ha!
We've thrown out a few "lines" and we are waiting and Leaning on the Lord!
Word of mouth can and will go a long way!!
We are not going through an agency at this time. 
Our heart is to be a home for the fatherless, the Lord will provide, like He always does!!
One day in the far off future, we may do international,but right now our hearts are for Valdosta and this surrounding region. Abortion rates are so high here right now, and we hope to paint such a beautiful story of adoption that it may glorify God and help the abortion crisis in a small (or big) way!!!

For now, we are counting our blessings, loving and living life, home study approved, twiddling our thumbs ;)

Olive~18 months

The "baby" of our family, is now 18 months!!!

First a look at all my kiddos at 18 months:

We have never had a toddler this old without having a newbie right behind him/her.
I have to admit that it is a little sad. I love babies so much and I feel like my mind and body was use to that "pattern". Emotionally, it is/was a little rough.

But, this little chica keeps me so busy, I honestly don't have much time to be sad :)
Plus, it is waaaaay easier, only having one baby! 
Truthfully, *I* don't even know how we had our kids so close in age. I couldn't imagine having Olive AND a tiny 3 week old right now!  I guess you just adapt to your situation and Lean on the Lord and His grace is enough!!!!

Anyways, back to the cutie:

She loves playing with her blocks. 
And we are still rocking the cloth around here :)

She is one purdy baby!!!!

Seth is always saying that he thinks that Olive was our prettiest baby (at this stage, of course he really thinks they are all equal), but I think it's so funny for him to say that b/c she looks the MOST like him!!! ahahaha

she loves to sing, dance and clap!!!

We are all still very smitten over her! When the big girls come home from school, they always go find her first, it's really sweet.
Seth comes home from work, takes off his tie, then plops down on the couch with her!
Titus tickles her every.time. he walks by her car seat to get out of the car.
Oh the joys of being "the baby" in a family!!!

We love you so so much Miss Olive!
We know you are doing and will continue doing great things for the Kingdom of God!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Titus 1st Day of "Christmas Class"

Titus has started his K3 class!!
He goes to the little church preschool here in Hahira 2 days a week from 9-12.

So far, he loves it. He does cry for a minute or two when I first drop him off, but his teachers say that he quits within a few minutes of me leaving.

He is the youngest in his class (late bday). So for right now, the plan is for him to go here for this year and next year, and then do preschool at Miss Mother's here in Hahira (state funded).  As long as he's never been in a state funded preK, then Miss Mother's will accept him even if he technically considered Kindergarten age.  All of this could change. However for right now, this is our plan :) :)

I just know he is going to love Miss Dana so so much! She's so great!!

So on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, it's just me and little Olive kicking it :)

I love this pic! It's as if she is saying,
"I get this whole buggy to myself now?!" hahaha


Good Hubby

I know that I brag on my hubby a lot, but really ya'll he's just so great!
The other night, I went out with some friends, to celebrate a birthday...

(her gift from me)

and Seth watched all the kids for me pretty much all day and night! not only that but, while I was gone he said, "I took a pic of all four kids for her for your fb cover photo!"
love language, much? ;)
Thanks baby!!

it's so so tough getting them all clean, looking, pretty, and smiling at the same time.
in fact, I don't think we have done it yet since Olive has been born, hahaha.

I am constantly amazed by Mr. Megow!  
He's a wonderful bff, provider, daddy, entertainer :)
 The Lord keeps hooking me UP!!!!


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Titus 3 year Pics

Happy Birthday to my one and only son!!

Titus is SUCH a mess and is incredibly funny!!

I can't wait to see the plans unfold that the Lord has for him!!

Seth and I always joke about this running "tally"
that we have for his future wife, hahaha. 
This boy likes to be catered, Lord bless her now!! ;)

He is seriously such a blessing to our lives.
I still cannot believe that he is already THREE years old!!

I love how everything about him is so BIG!
Big hair.
Big smile.
Big personality.
Big heart.
Big worshipper.
Big eyes.
Big feet.
{and for his sake later, Big farts.} smh!
just Big.

He loves to wear the glasses that his Aunt Claren gave him for his bday.

A few Titus favorites:

food: candy
color: blue
show: Power Rangers (he still likes Yo Gabba Gabba, but they took it off Netflix)
person: Mamaw (still!)
animal: dog
activity: painting or power ranger moves :)

**some of my favs about him lately**
~he loves to hold hands, especially in the car
~he says, "I wuv you too, Mommy" rather or not I say it first
~when I am getting on to someone he says, "I not mad at you, Mommy" hahaha
~he is SUCH a pro at riding his scooter, it's fun to watch :)

We love our buddy!  Life with him keeps getting better and better.


Thursday, August 8, 2013

1st Day of School

Well my big girls have started school!
I had a lot of different routes of "schooling" that we could do.
And out of ALL my "mommy decisions", the school decision was my hardest one to date!

In the end we decided to use the public school across the street from our house.
The girls LOVE IT so far!
Here are some pics from their first morning.

a pic with Daddy!
who btw is waaay more of a "morning person" than I :)

True story: I have not had to be up this early in the morning for 5.5 years!
I train my babies/kids to sleep in hahaha.

Seth drops the girls off at the bus stop with my Aunt and cousins on his way to work (it's like less than a minute from our house, but our house is zoned for "walkers").

This was their most exciting part,,,the school bus!!

It's a brand new bus with air conditioning and they are only on it for like 4 minutes.

Maybe next year I will let them walk since we live so close, but I wasn't too comfortable with the walking route this year. I mean Neela is a 4 year old!!! And it's a lot of work getting Olive and Titus up and ready too for me to walk with them. So for now this option is perfect for our family :)

I love their teachers and their school so much already!!
I feel confident that we asked God for the right option for us and He provided!!
We couldn't be happier.

P.S. Now that the girls are in school, I {hope} to have more time to blog fun stuff about our lives!!