Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Homestudy Approved!!!

Guess what, folks?
We are now Home Study Approved?


In the state of Ga, before any child is placed in a home for adoption, the family must first pass a home study.
So when we were looking into adoption, we knew that THIS was our first step.
So that's what we have done :)
The Lord has carried us so far already in this Journey of adoption!
HE has provided us with a big enough house, fenced in yard, insurance, income, etc.!!!!

So now what?...Good question!
And one that I do not really know the answer to, ha!
We've thrown out a few "lines" and we are waiting and Leaning on the Lord!
Word of mouth can and will go a long way!!
We are not going through an agency at this time. 
Our heart is to be a home for the fatherless, the Lord will provide, like He always does!!
One day in the far off future, we may do international,but right now our hearts are for Valdosta and this surrounding region. Abortion rates are so high here right now, and we hope to paint such a beautiful story of adoption that it may glorify God and help the abortion crisis in a small (or big) way!!!

For now, we are counting our blessings, loving and living life, home study approved, twiddling our thumbs ;)


  1. That is awesome Crissy! Congratulations! I will be praying for you guys and the sweet soul that will someday join your family.