Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Eve

One of our favorite traditions is on Christmas Eve we get to keep our friends, Adam and Nicole's kiddos.
The Steels work at a local family owned jewelry store, Steels Jewelry, and the Holiday time is busy, busy, busy for them.  I could not even imagine.  
We are pretty blessed with a slow paced Holiday season, so we look forward to being able to love on their kids by keeping them and showing them a good time :)
It's always so much fun!
The kids are friends with our kids and very well behaved so it's pretty easy really.
Pausing from playing for some hot cocoa.

We chilled, played in the backyard, and then decided to ride bikes/golf cart to the playground once Olive woke up from her morning nap.

Gwyneth (the oldest) LOVED this digital camera, and she figured out all the little gadgets on that thing really quick.  
Side Note:  the Steel kids are also geniuses!!!

I love this close up of her, she's going to be such a wonderful young lady :)

It was kinda cold, so we bundled up the kids really well with hats, jackets, scarves and such.

Shelby being silly :)

who doesn't love a happy baby pic?

Titus loved having a little boy to play with :)

showing off, doing his "tricks"

our "we're on vacation" look hahaha,,,bed hair central!

I rode the bike there with Bennett and Neela in the back, so on the way back I let Gwennie drive the golf cart, she was so so excited!  (I still sat in the driver seat, she just steered, or lack of, hahaha)
{I love Olive's face in this one}

we went back home for lunch, naps/rest time
then painted nails in Christmas theme :)

and made a Steel gingerbread house with the older kids while the younger ones still napped

complete with their family :)

We busted out the Cootie game while waiting on the little ones to wake up :)

We enjoy this day so much. 
It's a lot of fun, and everyone is in great moods because it's Christmas Eve!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Eve Eve

Our Papa PeeWee and Granny Amy gave the kids some money for Christmas, so we decided to go out on Christmas Eve Eve (Seth's favorite day of the year), to use that money to let the kids pick out a cool toy :)

So pumped!

ha! I love this pic, Seth was trying to get a self pic of him and Olive and the lens was zooooomed way in, hahaha

A sweet lady offered to take a picture of us all together...
"We're the 6 best friends that anyone could have!"

Neela Grace picked out some Snoopy toys

And Stevie Joy picked out Balloon Bird

After we paid we went out to the car to discover that Tommy had hitched a ride with us, haha

Oh and Titus picked out this Minnie Mouse, he's so silly

Our Papa gave Seth and I money too and I wanted to use my $$$ to go out to eat,,,ZAXBY'S

the kids LOVE going out to eat {they get it honest!}
they are literally CLAPPING when the food arrives, hahaha

our grub!
I could eat a Zaxby's salad

Father/Son photo ;)

Baby Olive loves to grub out too :)

We went to Wal-Mart to finish up a little Christmas shopping, then headed home for
 bed time.  Right as we were putting the kids to bed we heard carolers at the door!  I was so excited :)
I LOVE living in the city where you get fun stuff like this :)
The carolers were so fun and it was a great way to end the great night.

I love that we got to do a fun family outing for Seth's favorite day of the year :)


Monday, December 24, 2012

Dance Class

I took the girls to their dance Christmas party/class the other night.

I had to snap a pic of just how cute they looked ;)

Titus photo bombed the pic,,with his shades one,,,, hahaha

Seth stayed home with Titus and Olive while I was able to enjoy watching the class with the girls
(normally he is still at work, so I don't get to watch as much as I would like)

I LOVE Neela Grace's facial expression!!

so graceful

they love looking in that mirror while they dance :)

Their sweet sweet dance teachers!

The girls are still very much loving their dance class.
It's a blessing!