Thursday, April 28, 2011


The other day, Neela woke up a little later than normal from her nap, so it was just Stevie, Titus, and I.  We wanted to go for a bike ride but was waiting on Nee Nee to wake what else is better than drawing on our bodies with *washable markers to kill some time ;)

 She thought it was so funny to draw on the bottom of his feet,,because it tickled him and he would squeal in delight EACH time!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What I am Loving Wednesday

I thought I would give this a shot this Wednesday,,,and am going to sit still and reflect on all the things that I am thankful for and loving this week :)  I am linking up with This Kind of Love with many other grateful people.

Since one of my BF's, Emily,  gave me a "shout out" on her blog today,,I feel even more motivated to blog so that I won't let her down, lol,,,and I am LOVING that!

I am loving that I get to help host a baby shower for another BF of mine, Autumn!!  She is having a little boy and I am soooo excited to meet him,,,,I hope he has eyes like his Mama and his big sister's eyes (they are gorgeous!)

 I am loving that Lola is in heat (not the whole diaper and blood thing) but that we may be able to get back into having little puppies around again.  We use to let our old dog Apple have puppies and then bless other families with little baby dachshunds,,,it is our desire to do this again.  Most people probably think that I am crazy to have baby puppies in my house with my other babies,,,but they don't seem like a lot of work to me,,,I love baby animals so much, that it actually feels like a privilege to have them in the house, and I am usually pretty sad when they leave.  I think it will be something the kids and I have fun with.
 I am loving that Seth played piano at church this Sunday.  He has not played since Neela was BORN!!  Isn't that crazy!  He was really excited and nervous all at the same time.  We had to sell his keyboard a while back so he doesn't have one to practice on and the Practice meeting got cancelled, so his first time playing in nearly 2 years was Easter Sunday up on stage in front of everyone, ha!  But he said, he felt pretty confident that the Lord gave him the skill set to do it and that He was pleased :)  Isn't my hubby great?!  Ladies, he does have a brother,,,two actually ;)
I am Loving that Stevie Joy has been telling Neela, "I love you Nena!" A whole lot lately.  She says it when Neela is doing something nice for her (like giving her BACK her toy, ha!) or when Neela is doing something not so nice (like NOT giving back her toy),,,she'll say, "Nena, now I love you,,but put that toy in Stevie's hand!!"  I love having these little girls :)

And Last, but not Least.....I am loving that I have discovered Fudge Popsicles,,,only 80 calories and they are sooooo yummy!!  Little bit of sugar, something cold, and low cal,,,,I am sold!
I am excited to see what others are Loving this Wednesday :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Reason # 919 Why Stevie is Cooler than Me!!

After the cops came by and left us a ticket citation stating that if we did not cut our grass within 5-7 days that we would have to go to court and pay a fine, we decided that it *might be about time to do something about our yard, lol!!!
So this morning while the girls played I started picking up all the sticks, pinecones, etc. 

Check out this super cute bathing suit I got at a kids' consignment sale:

I love reflection pics :)

 Stevie Joy decided after a bit of swinging that she would help me, rather than play.  I figured this would not last long, but I enjoyed the help while it lasted.  Much to my surprise she helped me for a LONG time (we have a huge backyard!). 
 She was rocking her Justin Beiber shirt while helping mommy in the yard,,ha!
 What I was the most impressed by was how determined this child was to pick up all the sticks and pinecones.  I would tell her, "Good Job, Stevie!" and she would smile and respond back, "Good Job to YOU, Mommy!".  I am a *bit of a pushover and like having fun, so the daunting task of picking up the whole yard was obviously much harder on me than her!!  After a while when we were almost through, I told her that we were just about done and that she could go and play if she wanted,,,but she just kept on piling up the pinecones into the little wagon and saying, "we can do this mommy, almost done!"..."I found some more, mommy!"  Even when I went to grab the camera and check on Titus, I came back outside to find her STILL steadily picking up the pinecones and sticks!!  This child was determined! 
It made my heart very happy that she has such a strong work ethic already and that she was determined to finish what she started :) 
And this is Reason # 919 Why Stevie is Cooler than Me!!  She stuck with it and saw the task to the end and it was such a proud little mommy moment.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fun Glasses

I got some new "fun" glasses,,,by "fun" I mean they are not prescription, haha.  I love glasses and think that they are a fun decoration to your face,,,however I have perfect vision and do not need glasses,,,but I did find these for only $5 and think they are super fun!!

Not much new going on today,,Stevie Joy is staying the night with her Mamaw tonight, so she is basically in Heaven and will come home tomorrow so SASSY!!  Ha!  I remember when I use to stay the night off I always came home super "hot stuff" when I came home too :)
This weekend is full of Easter fun and work (for me,,boo!).
I think we have done really well by having a mixture of "Jesus Easter" and "Eggs Easter".  Stevie is such a sponge and learns SOOOO well!  She amazes me how well she learns things, which makes it super super fun to teach her cool things daily.  She lately has been drawing crosses and talking about Jesus dying on the cross for us.  It melts my heart.  Neela on the other hand, still just runs around like a crazy woman, she even shouts, "RUNNNNNNNNNNN" when I start to sit her down and teach her something, lol!!  But she is super super affectionate and sweet (TO ME and pretty much ME ONLY at the moment).  And Mr. Titus is "almost" crawling,,he can army crawl like it aint nobody's business and that boy loves toys like his big sissy, Stevie :)

Kinda rambling tonight,,,I cleaned the WHOLE entire room and caught up on laundry today,,,AND cleaned out the van yesterday.  All the bills are paid, and the house AND car are clean,,,this is a rare even in the Megow household!  Now if we only had a lawn mower we could cut the grass.....this is my prayer request at the moment,,,well..that AND adoption, always ADOPTION :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Since my last post was kinda vain, this one will be much more "nature-y", ha!

We have some baby birds that just hatched,,,a mommy bird built her nest under our carport and every day Seth and I check on them to see if they have hatched yet,,,what can I say, we love babies :)  Well they finally did hatch and they are soooo stinkin' cute!!

  Aren't they so cool looking, almost not even REAL!! 
Mommies and their babies and how they take care of/feed them has always fascinated me, so of course this is chalking right up there with some interesting stuff for me.  The mommy rarely ever sits in the nest with the babies but she is ALWAYS close by.  She sits on the power line and goes to feed them about every hour.  The birds make no noise at all until they are hungry (and the noise they make is so cute!) I need to get a video of it.  It doesn't last long and the mommy goes and brings them some food.  I wish they could stay forever, but I know they won't.  I am a lover for all "baby animals",,probably even a baby snake!  But I do not really like grown up animals,,,much like with humans, j.k.
I am enjoying sharing my house and raising my "children" together with this little mommy bird, although I think her job is a little easier than mine, but then again I am not eating my food and then spitting in my kiddos mouth YUCKY!
I will leave off with a picture of one of my sweet babies, this is what she likes to do when I am trying to "escape" HER and get on the computer, lol!  But who can resist this sweet little smile,,,so I let her sit and waller allllll over me!!


I have no idea what has been wrong with me lately,,but I have had the "blues".  Actually I think it may be the fact that I am not "use" to having a menstrual cycle and am getting back in the swing of having one??  (I have been preggers for 3 years in a row!)

Anyways, today one of my friends (actually Seth's friend's fiance) who is in the Fashion Industry put up an album on facebook about how she had free clothes to give away and all you had to do was comment on the pic if you wanted the item and she would send it to you FREE SHIPPING!  OMG for real, that is the nicest coolest thing ever!  We have been broke so I haven't been able to thrift shop like I normally do,,,and honestly thrift shopping IS MY RELAXATION fun thing to do!!  (hey, maybe that's why I have been down,,I am deprived of that!) 

So I was able to grab a couple of super cute, free items from friend!!  I get lots of hammy down children's clothes, but haven't really gotten any hammy down (non-maternity clothes) in a WHILE!!  since like high school, I think?

Well, I think I am BACK!!  Snapped out of my FUNK!   YAY!  and my poor hubby has been doing everything in his power to make me happy and nope,,,,the only thing that worked was new clothes lol!!

Here are some of the things I am getting: 

How Blessed am I!?!