Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Day!!!

On this Valentine's Day, I wanted to write a little "love letter" to the ones I love the most.
Valentine's Day is a special day set aside all about LOVE, not just mushy gushy boy/girl love, but the ones you love the most that are dearest to you!!!

Dearest Stevie:
How I love you so so much! You are so funny and so "matter of fact" type little girl.  You like things the way you like them and no one can change your mind.  You are very Type A and first born.  You are pretty much nothing what I expected, and I LOVE that about you.  You always always keep me guessing and on my toes.  You're more introverted than me, and I work hard to be sensitive to that.  You're very snuggly and I love love love when you lay with me. It has become a routine at night that I must lay with you and give you some undivided attention before you can drift off to sleep (I admit it's one of my favorite parts of the day).
You're such a gifted and talented little girl and I am so honored to help you strengthen and sharpen those talents every day. I love you sweetie.

Dear Neela Grace:
You are so so pretty and sweet. You love animals more than anyone I have ever met. You ask to sleep with me on the couch every night. It's so funny to me, I mean I NEVER sleep on the couch, who knows how you even came up with that idea!!  You are our adventurer and the most like me! You always want to go somewhere and visit with someone.  While the others are home bodies, YOU my girl want to go go go!!
You're loving going to Christmas class, and love making new friends.  You're one of the healthiest eaters I have ever seen, you prefer apples over anything else.  I love watching you grow and shine for Jesus everyday!!!

Dear Titus:
Oh Buddy, you are so so special to me! My first boy!!!  You never ever stop eating! Even in your sleep, often you wake up and ask to eat, then go back to sleep.  Lord help us when you're a big teenage boy.  Speaking of big, your feet are HUGE.  You wear the same size as Stevie Joy and she is two years older than you!!  You are surely going to be tall like your daddy.  You're discernment is incredible. 
And you are SUCH a worshipper.  I love that about you.  You ask about your Mamaw, Paw, Mimi, and Meemaw every.hour. You love grandparents, it's so funny! And you love Yo Gabba Gabba, you would watch it all day if we let you :)

Dear Olive:
Girl, you are the bomb! I could have 10 more babies if they were all as easy as you. When I pick you up from your bed, you (every time) lock your arms around me and hug me so so tight! I mean, who knew you were even that strong?!? I love it and it melts my heart each time. You can make me smile so so big!!!  I can't wait to see what you are "in to" once you get a little older.  My guess is gymnastics because you love doing your little "tricks" for us already.  Your love for "Patty cake" is the cutest thing ever! Well, 2nd cutest (your thighs defly take the 1st prize!!!).

Dear Future (adopted) Baby:
I pray about you allllll the time! You are going to be so so loved and I am so excited to meet you and spoil you!!  I want to put a little space in between you and the others so that I can spoil you properly.  The family prays for you every single day and not a day goes by that we don't think/plan/pray for you :)

Dear Kia:

You're so so perfect. I love your cuddles (but not your biting!). You're so great at going potty in the same spot every time, it's just too bad that spot is not in the yard, hahahaha.

Dear Yucky:
You really are a very loving and sweet cat. You have adopted your owner's personality (Stevie) which is a great thing! for some reason you are weird and whiney at night. Please stop this. :)

Dear my Darling, Seth:
How could I ever put into words how happy you make me?!  You're not like any one else I have ever ever known. You're the most selfless person in the whole world! You always always put my happiness before anything else! I am so so grateful for you and everything you do for our family! You're such a wonderful provider and spiritual leader. I miss you TERRIBLY during the day, but I am so blessed that you have such a wonderful job that allows me to stay home most of the time with the kiddos.  The kids adore you and all your little ways "Red and Green stories", "Dad dates", wrestling on the couch, your cooking, they just adore YOU!!! I am so happy to have you as my #1 Valentine!!! I love you!!

 May this be everyone's best Valentine's Day yet!!
Love the ones you're with :) 
And let's all remember, that if you are a believer, then you always have a Valentine:


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Olive my Love ~ One Year

Olive is one years old! 
Oh em gee! 
I seriously can't get over it!!

Here is a look back at all my "Olive Fav's" from her first year....

First off me preggers with my sweetie

Super easy pregnancy and even easier deliver (c-section)/recovery
{7 lbs 12 oz}

meeting Daddy

your sisters loved you right away!!!

first family shot

her first little photo sesh with mommy :)

first time visiting her Nanny

her first Megow/James party (we like to throw down, ha!)

her 2nd party we attended, she rolls with the punches and doesn't complain a bit :)

I love this!!!  this is how she use to let me know she was hungry, she would suck on my nose, like a little pup ;)

beginning to learn Patty Cake, which she has mastered now and loves to do regularly!!

those early nursing days around the clock :)


meeting Aunt Claren

First Easter


1st time feeling the sand between your toes (and teeth, ha!)

hanging with your friends :) celebrating Liz's bday (yes, you're a party animal!)

you loved swimming right away

going to the Crane wedding with just Mommy and Daddy, what a treat :)

your 2nd house you ever lived in, we moved to the Megow farm

what a trooper during all our little outings :)


Baby dedication

enjoying the farm life!!

play date with Brittlynn

your #1 fan, hahaha :)

checking on the progress of your 3rd house :)

picnic at the park

moving into our new home (you were such a big help, yeah right!) :)

first Halloween, cute little flower :)

Mommy Loving!!!

first Thanksgiving

nursery skippers!

Olive's first Christmas

she loves animals :)

Praise the Lord :)

hardest thing about this lady? Sunday morning church service, haha :)

my very own "Huggabunch" doll (as some facebook friends pointed out)

Another HUGE Olive fan, Miss Dianna (D.B!!)

so sweet :)

first hair cut :-/

that gurl will FIGHT you for some franch friez!!!

Actually THIS is her biggest fan, Samuel LOVES Baby Olive so so much!!!


Great news, I found a few more....

(these were all mobile uploads, so quality is not super great, but I wanted them to be included with her special post)

Hide yo kids, Hide yo wife.... ;)

sunbathing with mommy :)


Oh, we love you so so much Baby Olive!
You are such a perfect addition to our fam, and we are so blessed and beyond thankful that you joined us!!!
We are so excited to spoil you on your special day.
I am sure we will sing "Patty Cake" no less than 99 times, since it's your favorite :)

Whatever we do and where ever we go, life is greater having you near :)