Monday, April 1, 2013

Yucky (our cat) and her Kitties

Our cat, Yucky had her baby kitties!!
She even let Stevie Joy and I watch :)

It was a pretty neat experience 

...and gross!!
(she's eating her placenta)

Stevie was so so great with Yucky, and stayed right by her side the whole time

lol,,,we found this little heart and hung it up (because it's so appropriate) :)

we made ourselves comfy (it was a loooong labor and delivery)

kitten #2

right when Titus saw them for the first time he said, "hold chocolate", he named the little black one "choc choc" and he really really wanted to do some skin to skin with the little kitty,, so cute :) 

Neela's response when she saw them for the first time, "ummm, I want to sleep with them!" sister LOVES sleeping with baby animals and babies (she gets it very honest!)

in the end,,,4 white ones and one black one (hmmmm sounds familiar!) lol

They are getting big quick!
We are loving every minute of these sweet little kitties :)

I love this one's tail!