Friday, December 30, 2011

Bye Bye 2011!

The girls and I have been reflecting over this past year and talking about the things we did and the things we will get to do next year!  This still seems a little over their heads (even for Stevie), but still we talk about it.  I have showed them the new calendar and we went over the old calendar events.  Here are some of the fun things that have happened this past year broken down by month :)
After gathering together and organizing all the photos, can I just say that I am one blessed, rich woman!!  God is so good to our family!!  We have had a very fun, busy year!!

****one of my favorite things about this post, is our "animal/pet trends" we joke that we should just start renting our pets to see if they will work out or not, hahaha!


 Seth and I celebrated our 6th year of being married!!

We discovered Stevie Joy's love for dancing at Shelby and Gwenyth's bday party (and decided to enroll her in dance school the upcoming fall!)

We drove to Thomasville to celebrate the Love's bday :)

Seth and I BOTH reached our goal weights this month!! (it only took like 8 weeks)

First Karaoke experience (it's been a HIT in our house ever since!)

Back then, Titus just laid on the quilt and listened happily when we sang ;)

We (sadly) had to say goodbye to Ruby in January,,she was the cutest little basset hound, but she really wasn't that great with the kids, she nipped at their ankles a lot when they ran and was pretty aggravating (not to mention she aggravated Seth too)


The funniest part about Ruby is that she stayed with us for a VERY short amount of time (probably the shortest) and our kiddos STILL talk about her alllll the time,,go figure!? :)


We got to love on our friends this Valentine's Day by watching their babies for them while they went out on a hot date,,,I miss the Buchtas so much!!

Stevie Joy got her hair cut off by yours truly!  I was sooo over holding her down to brush it out and battle with her everyday about it!  I thought it was a super cute little pixie cut and WAY easier to maintain!!  also, it grew back in much thicker!!

Pet Exhibit #2:  LOLA came back (she was our dog, then she was my sisters, then she was ours again, lol)

My beautiful handstamped necklace that Seth made for me for my Valentine's present (we dabbled in making these for a bit)

Our road in February,,,it's soooo pretty!  (Olive will be coming at a very pretty time of year)

The weather is pretty nice too!


Enjoyed the Azalea City Festival

Rub a dub, three in the tub!
When my itching for a tat really started setting in (April drew this one on me with henna)

Celebrated Stevie Joy's birthday and Cinderella came!!

The little added "bonus" for her party was the mice (Jaq and Gus, from the movie)

We ended up keeping them for about 6 weeks after, so there you have the March Pet of the Month :)
This makes Pet Exhibit #3 & 4 for 2011

Went and visited Jacksonville for Hayli (my half sister) wedding!
We were sad though b/c we missed Kye's bday party this weekend

March was fun :)


Our family had it's first broken bone,,,Neela Grace broke her arm by playing in the office chair, she fell out of it and landed on it funny,,,this pic is a two in one pic,,it shows Neela's cast AND us leaving to go to celebrate Brooklyn's circus themed bday party

We also had Alina's Pink Fairy Ballerina Tea Party 

We put our Wild Adventure Passes to good use a lot in April!

Celebrated Easter with some friends at the playground across the street from our house

Wore Spring Mumu's and still got to hold a sweet little baby boy while he nursed :)


We visited the fire station and learned allll about fire safety!

Went and visited Nanny around Mother's Day

and fed her neighborhood duckies

swam in the pool in our backyard nearly everyday

Talked Seth into a boy dog so that we could breed Lola with him and have puppies,,,*Introducing Pet Exhibit #5 for 2011,,,,Muno!

more swimming!

Oh and for Mother's Day, I got my tat!! (I plan to fill it in with color after Rocket comes)


We Beached it up in June!!

Seth's mimi let us use her time share she had at the beach, so we got a little photo shoot done as a way to say thank you to her :)

  Our friends, the Parkers were able to meet us down there for the second half of the week,,,and we all had so much fun, I don't know if we will be able to go this year to or not, I think she wants to use it, but we hope to at least go for a long weekend somewhere at the beach :)

Also, we found out that we were EXPECTING!!  in June!  sooo exciting :)

And out with the old in with the new,,,the dogs were NOT working out, so we gave them to good homes and tried a cat,,,Introducing Pet Exhibit #6 for 2011,,,,Yucky (Stevie Joy named her)
June's Pet of the Month:


We celebrated 4th of July over at Nanny's house with Seth's cousin and his family

July was Neela Grace's 2nd birthday party

It was strawberry short cake themed (even though at the last minute she decided that she would rather have a Yo Gabba Gabba party instead, haha,,so the whole party she kept saying, "No, this is not my party, my party is a gabba party!"  thanks Neela ;)

Neela asked for a fish everyday leading up to her birthday, so we got her one, and duh, it died within ONE day of having it!!  (July Pet of the Month (#7)).

This is a sad topic, but July was also when Mr. Titus had his first ever seizure :(  With his very first seizure, he was released that day, but two weeks later he had another one, and had to stay overnight for two nights :(
He was a bit out of it for a while!

His homecoming from the hospital,,,we were alll so happy to be all back together as a family!


Stevie Joy started dance school

We went and visited the kids' Godparents and our super awesome friends, the Shivers!

We had a great time with them, we went to the zoo

swam in their pool

and celebrated Titus's birthday up there with them
Also, drum roll please,,,August's Pet of the Month: Thomas,,we got a second cat because the girls were constantly fighting over the one cat, so I thought the 2nd cat would help :)
Pet Exhibit #8 for 2011:


We beat the heat a lot in September, by lounging around and playing on iphones, boardgames, crafts, etc

We visited the Southerland Farms (April's mommy's farm)

Titus had his MRI done up in Macon (which came back clear, Praise the Lord!!!!!)

I guess they got too bored, haha,,,I found Neela like this saying, "Mommy, I swimming!"

and celebrated Mamaw's birthday with this super awesome Littlest PetShop cake made by the kids :)


We found out that Baby "Rocket" is a little girl :)

Had a yard sale!

Visited the pumpkin patch

 First time we discovered just how MUCH Titus loves his Mamaw!!  (they went out of town for 2 weeks, this pic was taken the day she got back, he has held on tight to her ever since!)

Trick or Treating!

Went to the Honey Bee Festival

Young's Adult Halloween Party (we were Jon and Kristen Tanner from church)

One of my favorite pics from that month:


Celebrated this wild man's birthday!!

Breaking Dawn Movie Premiere (Girls Night)

Character Breakfast with work (Seth is Spidey) hahaha!

Picking up Pecans for Thanksgiving pies 

Celebrated Thanksgiving Megow Style!!

"Barbies" (Harvey's) sold OUT of little doggies (*only my family will know what I am talking about here, hee hee)

THREE stray cats started living in our carport that we cannot get rid of, we have come to not mind them as much (November Pet(s) of the Month! (#9-11)

Neela got "wings"

My favorite pic from November:  I found SJ in Titus's room, up on his changing table doing the Lion King intro with her cat :-)


December was a busy, fun month!

We visited the Christmas tree farm

Decorated the house in all the Christmas Jingle Jangle :)

Had the BEST Christmas morning yet!!

Met Super Tidy!

Enjoyed Wild Adventures Christmas TWICE!!

Enjoyed lots and lots of family quality time together during the Holiday break!

Currently, we still have the two cats that live inside, ha, and the 3 outside "carport" cats, I guess you cannot really call them strays anymore :)  They even got little stockings at Christmas!!
We are dog sitting for Seven, so he is December's pet of the month, which makes twelve!!  That's a pet for every month in 2011,,,we are terrible! :)

This has been SUCH a fantastic year, I am looking forward to next year, adding little Olive Hope to the mix :) AND seeing how many pets we can round up!
Bye Bye 2011, you have been so good to us!